Great job of jogging today in all classes. We will build up our stamina slowly over the coming weeks. Remember what we talked about in class today in regards to metabolism, food, calories, and energy. The definition of metabolism is below. Remember each person is different and each person needs a different amount of calories each day. You get your calories from food and your food gives you energy for your body to work right and for all of your daily activities. 5-15% of your calories are needed for digestion and elimination, 50-70% of your calories are needed for you to stay alive, and 10-25% of your calories are for daily activities. YOU MUST EAT PEOPLE AND YOU MUST EAT FREQUENTLY THROUGHOUT THE DAY! NO SKIPPING MEALS!

Remember “Ideally, you should have a relaxed and easy going energy level, appropriate hunger, stable emotions, clear concentration, sound sleep and excellent digestion.” I will teach you how to make this happen. Make sure you are paying attention and letting all of this info soak into your brains. I know it can be overwhelming but you will start to understand how all this works as time goes on.

Metabolism is the sum of all the physical and chemical reactions occuring in the body. It’s the rate at which you utilize the foods you eat. It’s the amount of energy (calories) your body burns to maintain itself. Whether you are eating, drinking, sleeping, cleaning etc… your body is constantly burning calories to keep you going.

Back From Vacation

What’s the word people? I hope you all are enjoying the first 2 weeks of summer. Just got back from a nice and restful vacation to San Francisco, Redding, and up to Washington. As you can see below, I just stocked up on some nutrient dense foods as my refrigerator was empty and check out the video from my bike ride on the Columbia river. On Monday I will be surfing down in San Clemente with Mr. Zuercher so my summer is in full effect. Let me know what you are up to.


Garden Time/Softball

What’s up! I hope you all enjoy my gardening video below. Gardening is an awesome “working-in” activity you can do to bring healing to your body. Tomorrow we will get back to softball and on Friday you will participate in our 2nd school wide fitness day where you rotate to all 3 PE teachers in 1 period. Lunchtime volleyball continues tomorrow. The playoffs are near. See you in 24 hours.


Strauss Farms Ice Cream

Scroll down and read what I wrote on Thursday. It’s hard to see in the photo but Strauss Farms vanilla ice cream only has 5 ingredients. Not 5,000 ingredients like the ice cream you eat. Look at the ice cream in your freezer right now. I bet it has guar gum and carragennan in it which can cuase inflammation in your body and could be the reason why you are farty, gassy, bloatey when you eat it. Strauss farms ice cream IS NORMAL ICE CREAM. It tastes amazing. A good snack to have is a couple spoon fulls of organic ice cream with organic fruit. That way you get good fats, proteins, carbs, and sugars all together. Another brand I recommend is Haggen Dazs 5 ice cream. The 5 means there is only 5 ingredients in the ice cream. You can by Strauss Farms ice cream at Whole Foods Market and Mother’s Market and you can buy Haggen Dazs ice cream at almost any store.

Eat Real Food/Frisbee Golf

Students I need to rant for a minute. I have been talking to many students who are not feeling that well(farty, gassy, bloatey, constipation, diarrhea) because of what they eat on a daily basis. When I ask them to write down what they ate for 3 days guess what I see? PACKAGED, PROCESSED, ADDITIVES, PRESERVATIVES, FOOD COLORINGS, and tons of other words I can’t even pronounce. These foods have tons of chemicals in them that are very low in nutrition and can cause the issues you are having. For example, sometimes it’s not the milk that is making you feel like crap, it’s WHAT THEY PUT IN THE MILK that is making you feel like crap. You might have a food sensitivity to a certain food because of what they add to that food, not the food itself. Look at the food label on what you are eating right now. If you see a paragraph of ingredients I personally would not eat it. Foods should have very few ingredients in them in my opinion. Yes you can have those foods on occasion, JUST NOT EVERY DAY, ALL DAY.

So I encourage you to eat more fresh cooked foods of all kinds and to stay away from foods that have a million ingredients in them and see how you feel. Watch what starts to happen. You will start to poop better, sleep better, think clearly, have less anxiety, skin will look better, and you will have more energy. I challenge you to try it. We have already talked about Dr. Diet in my class a million times. Go back and re-watch some of the videos to re-fresh your mind.

Frisbee Golf was fun today. Remember you do not have to “work-out” all the time to stay healthy. Sometimes you need to “work-in” or focus on “active rest” where you are still doing something but at a much lower stress level to your body. Tomorrow we challenge Mrs. Morris/Cachola in capture the flag. Let’s do this.

Caldwell’s Dr. Diet Menu

What’s the word people! After our talk about The Wheel Of Life(soil, plants, animal, man) yesterday I wanted to post what I ate for the day. Remember the goal is to eat as many organic, grass fed, free range foods as you can and try and cut way back on packaged, refined, highly processed foods.

The basic gist of the wheel of life and death is damaged soil creates damaged nutrient deficient plants, then sick drugged animals eat the damaged plants that came from the damaged soil then WE come along and eat the sick animal who ate the damaged plant that came from the damaged soil which can lead to a vast array of health issues. That is why I am a big believer in eating organic, free range, pastured, grass fed whole foods.

Here is what was on my menu yesterday. Buffalo, pastured eggs, organic watermelon, organic cantaloupe, pickling salt, coconut oil, organic carrots, sheep’s milk cheese, unpasteurized pulp free orange juice, and dark chocolate(no soy). These foods are loaded with healthy fats, proteins, carbs, vitamins, and minerals to blast my cells with nutrition and keep my blood sugar balanced.

For those of you who care about your health I highly recommend you buy a book called “How To Eat, Move And Be Healthy” by Paul Chek. It’s a good book to get you all dialed in on health, nutrition, and exercise.

Make sure to check back tomorrow as I have a special announcement to make that I think some of you are going to like and strive for. HAVE AN AWESOME SATURDAY. IT’S BEAUTIFUL OUT!

P.S.-I recommend shopping at Whole Foods Market, Mother’s Market, Trader Joe’s, Henry’s, farmers markets, and local farms.

Dr. Diet Part 2

GOOD AFTERNOON. Pretty good job to all classes today running the mile and working on our push-ups and curl-ups. If you did not finish recording today make sure to come to tutorial tomorrow to record or finish any fitness test you did not do today.

As for Dr. Diet remember what we talked about today.

You need protein in your food plan as protein forms the structure of your cells, organs, bones and tissue.

You need fats to help trigger “satiety.” Remember satiety is when you eat food and you start to feel full to the point where no more food is required for the body to be satisfied. Fat in your foods can help with that. So remember, just because you are bored does not mean you should go eat students. You are supposted to “eat to live” not “live to eat.” Good fats come from organic, grass fed meats and dairy, coconut oil, raw or organic butter etc. etc. You also need fat to keep your blood sugar stable. You do not want the roller coaster blood sugar where you are high then low then high again.

You need carbohydrates in your food plan as carbs are an important fuel for your body. Your cells like carbohydrate from the right sources such as fruits and vegetables.

In conclusion remeber my goal for you at your age is it to eat more whole foods that are cooked or prepared fresh each day. Focus on different kinds of meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese and a variety of fruits and vegetables. Try and cut back on packaged, refined, processed junky foods we have discussed in class. Remember you get your vitamins and minerals to keep your body healthy from eating these fresh, healhty foods. Try and cut back on drinking soda, gatorade, coffee, energy drinks and focus on water, fruit juice especially orange juice, milk, and coconut water. These drinks are loaded with nutrients.

Time To Make Friends With Dr. Diet

Parents please call or email me if you have any questions.

Hello. Hi my name is Mr. Caldwell and I introduced you to Dr. Diet today. He is a very special friend of mine and you really need to listen carefully to what he has to say. Dr. Diet could change your life for the better in the way you feel, sleep, think, act, play sports, and your grades. Below are a couple nuggets you will need to memorize. Let me know if you have any questions. We will talk about Dr. Diet over the next 4+ weeks. I am going to try and keep things simple as nutrition can be very confusing and overwhelming.


Examples Of:
Proteins-meats, fish, eggs, dairy, beans, nuts.
Carbohydrates-fruits, vegetables, cookies, bread, tortillas, chips.
Fats-fat in meat and dairy, avocado, different oils you cook with, nuts.

C.R.A.P Diet. C=junky carbohydrates R=refined foods A=additives P=preservatives

Eat Whole Foods
Such as fresh organic and free range meats, chicken, fish, free range eggs, raw or organic whole milk, goat/sheep/or cow’s milk cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables, nut’s, and healthy oils such as coconut oil, palm oil, and olive oil along with raw or grass fed butter. I am not a big fan of bread but a good company who does it right is Julian Bakery and you can buy their bread at Whole Foods Market or Mother’s Market.

Eat Organic
Remember organic foods are free of pecticides, chemicals, steroids and other bad stuff that can effect your health. In my opinion organic foods also have a higher nutrient content then conventional foods.

I encourage you to drink more whole milk, fruit juice, coconut water, and water and stop or drink on occasion gatorade, coffee, energy drinks, and sodas. Remember the first 4 I named have a ton of nutrients in them that keep you health and strong. The junky drinks you like have tons of additives, colorings, caffeine, junky sugar and who knows what else that you do not need in your body.

Are Energy Drinks Taking Our Children For A Ride?

Student’s and parents make sure to read the following article from one of my friends Antonio Valladares. I met him at a 5 day seminar a couple years ago and he is one smart dude has a similar philosophy to what I am teaching you. Take what he says to heart students. Energy drinks are poison.


Are energy drinks taking our children for a ride?

NEW YORK — 2/01/11- Energy drinks are all the rage these days; they can be found at almost every convenience store and their ultra colorful logos are inescapable at most sports events- from X Games to Nascar. But do they measure up to the billion-dollar hype?

The energy drink industry is a 5 billion dollar market. Red Bull started the madness in 1994 causing the market to explode. Soft drink manufacturers followed suit with new energy drinks including Monster, Rockstar, Sobe, and Adrenaline Rush. There are over 500 new energy drinks on the market today, mostly marketed to a younger demographic.

Are these industrial age cocktails, made with caffeine, sugars (sucrose, glucose, fructose, maltodextrin), artificial sweeteners, herbs, isolated amino acids, vitamins (some with more than 4,000 % of the daily requirement for Vitamin B12) and marketed as ‘performance enhancing functional foods’, nothing more than glorified junk food that come with health serious consequences? Let’s find out…

Do energy drinks actually give you energy?

Well, of course they do; they are amped up with caffeine, sugars, artificial sweeteners and herbs that act as metabolic stimulants. Since most of these products do not list the amount of caffeine, no one really knows how much caffeine you are getting.

Energy drinks range in various sizes from less than 1 ounce to 24 ounces. The spectrum of caffeine dosing in energy drinks varies greatly from 57 mg per drink (Hansen’s) all the way up to 1800 mg (in a 4 ounce can of 5150).

Click here to read the rest of the article.