Scroll down and read what I wrote on Thursday. It’s hard to see in the photo but Strauss Farms vanilla ice cream only has 5 ingredients. Not 5,000 ingredients like the ice cream you eat. Look at the ice cream in your freezer right now. I bet it has guar gum and carragennan in it which can cuase inflammation in your body and could be the reason why you are farty, gassy, bloatey when you eat it. Strauss farms ice cream IS NORMAL ICE CREAM. It tastes amazing. A good snack to have is a couple spoon fulls of organic ice cream with organic fruit. That way you get good fats, proteins, carbs, and sugars all together. Another brand I recommend is Haggen Dazs 5 ice cream. The 5 means there is only 5 ingredients in the ice cream. You can by Strauss Farms ice cream at Whole Foods Market and Mother’s Market and you can buy Haggen Dazs ice cream at almost any store.