Team Standings

Team WLT
2-FC Blammers041
3-Gnarly 9230
4- OC Thunder131
5- 5 All Stars122
6- Triple Kool221

Team Roster

1-WVMNate H, Mathew S, Malcolm O, Matthew T, Mustafa S, Jonathan C, Zain H, Nick A, Omar A, Cameron G
2- FC BlammersKerenna S, Tara E, Tara A, Aliya S, Allyssa S, Lauren F, Ashlyn S, David C, Kazuki V, Jack B
3-Gnarly 9Mckenna R, Ashlee K, Katrina L, Ellie K, Aneila B, Nick D, Caitie L, Kolbie T, Luke D, Dyllan L
4-OC ThunderSnehn B, Ankit R, Viraj D, Amrit P, Dhruv L, Karthis K, Siraij A, Harris K, Raj K, Manav M.
5-5 All StarsLogan I, Cooper K, Mark S, Mohammed N, Youssef S, Peter X, Hider A, Yousef E, Max B, Alec D
6-Triple CoolMike C, Towne A, Lincoln C, Alex A, Luke L, Katrina L, Michael C, Haley H, Haley F, Ranvir, G
7-CheeriosYamato E, Spencer S, Connor V, Andrew W, Ryan D, Jerry V, Mark A, JD M, Jason C, Ahmed A
8-HeavenHevin G, Shane L, Julian I, Tyler W, Omar Y, Cullan M, Mason U, Kevin C, Skyler S, Birl L


  1. hamsa says:

    where can we meet mr. parker tomorrow

  2. Tessa says:

    When are the sign-ups

  3. Claire B says:

    Hi Mr. Calwell.
    Can I be on Bokota’s Bumble Bees?
    I forgot to sign up.
    It’s the same team as my brother, Connor Berger.

  4. Claire B says:

    Will do.

  5. Justin says:

    Wow really. Mr caldwell can you please take off the <3. Ivan is so weird!!!

  6. Ivan says:

    no no i like the heart me captain, me choose

  7. Carson says:

    Ivan the name doesn’t matter, since you won’t be winning the championship;D… that hurtt

  8. Ivan says:

    carson, u wish we’re not gonna win. trash talkin already yeah? daanng bro.

  9. Ivan says:

    actually yeah take the heart off. it looks stupid now…

  10. Ryan says:

    hi Mr. Caldwell can you put me in the deadbeat i forgot to sign up :/

  11. Claire B says:

    Hey Mr. Calswell.
    Can you put me on the roster for Bokota’s Bumble Bees??

  12. Miller says:

    Can I switch teams now? jk. really though hearts of fire, thats the best you could come up with! I like fake football better.

  13. Ivan says:

    hearts on fire? lol. better the heart goes better w/ that name than fake football though.

  14. Ivan says:

    caldwell hates mi team. u hated “no love” and we still dominated everyone.

  15. Ivan says:

    we WILL be undefeated again.

  16. Carson says:

    Mr. Caldwell, I do not know your email so I am just going to ask you on here. Can you add A.j Aviles to the team “Big Santa” please? Thanks, Ivan good luck!

  17. Hough says:

    Ivan I hope you guys win it all, That way I can announce Hearts on Fire on the AM announcements

  18. Ivan says:

    yes yes we will. ahaaha and carson, u guys already lost lol

  19. Miller says:

    really hearts on fire. At least take off the extra hearts!
    btw i go by miller on this now cause there is other justins. see yah tomorrow

  20. Carson says:

    Ivan we only lost because nobody was at our game, we all were on the field trip. Nothing hurt.

  21. Joshua says:

    I think hearts on fire/fake football are going to win…

  22. Ivan says:

    changed the name again?? this is confusing

  23. connor says:

    why isnt there a student vs. teachers soccer game? that would be soooo much fun :)

  24. shivani says:

    ohmygoodness. that would be fun!! a soccer game against the teachers… maybe something we could be you at caldwell(:

  25. Claire B says:

    Is there ever staff vs student soccer?

  26. Miller says:

    Come on Mr caldwell we would own you guys

  27. Claire B says:

    Why has Chelsea FC only played one game??

  28. shivani says:

    i like the new name for ivan’s team(:

    • Neal Caldwell says:

      Ivan’s team is very moody and needy so a name change every couple days is needed lol.

      • shivani is COOLER than yanni says:

        i TOTALLY agree that ivan………………………………………………………………………………………. i mean his team is moody.. :)

  29. Ivan Kim says:

    AHAHAHA lol. we play the seond best team. thats gonna be a good one

  30. Carson says:

    Very true Caldwell

  31. Carson says:

    This should also be an interesting game on field 1 tomorrow, I can’t wait.

  32. Ivan says:

    i predict Yes, Our Hearts Still on Fire <3<3<3 vs Big Santa in the finals. and <3<3<3 takes it 3-1

  33. Joshua says:

    How many teams make into the playoffs?

  34. Stefan says:

    What is the next lunchtime sport?

  35. Miller says:

    You need to change our name for the playoffs, Mr Caldwell. If we make it to the finals can you read off all of the names you’ve givin us? :)

  36. Aldrei says:

    Woot playoffs tommorow i didn’t even think we’d make it to the playoffs 😀

  37. Claire B says:

    So is team 1 in the playoffs??

  38. Ivan K says:

    wait im confused. so the winner of 7 vs. 8 plays the winner of 2 vs. 9? and when is the lunchtime pickleball signups

  39. Ivan K says:

    dannnng this is intense. BUT our team gets to just sit back and watch (:

  40. Carson says:

    yeah shootouts for us, we scored 2 goals in are game! hope we still win in shootouts, god is with us ivan<3

  41. Lucas says:

    Big santa!! We are going to win this baby! Casrson we got this! Im going to score 2 goals like in the first game i played! Big santa!!!!!

  42. Ivan K says:

    talking trash? lol we’ll take u down boys

  43. Carson says:

    Now Ivan, don’t get to full of yourself… good luck tommorow, and lucas no AHAH

  44. Miller says:

    Mr caldwell remember to read all of team 1’s names on the loud speaker tomorrow!
    We need a finals name to
    Im thinking
    Firey hearts on burning hot fire

  45. Adam S says:

    Hi Mr.Caldwell,
    How many teams make the playoffs?

  46. Renny C says:

    What? No game tomorrow, I picked up all of my trash! Wow, nice going guys

  47. Claire B says:

    Hey Mr. Caldwell,
    Teams 13- Sparkly Unicorns tied today.
    So we should have 1 win 1 tie, 0 losses.

  48. Cedrick H says:

    Hey Mr. Caldwell,
    Can our team, the Strikers, play the Sparkly Unicorns after next week’s game.

    P.S: I think my name is spelled wrong on the list.

  49. Matthew C says:

    Hi Mr. Caldwell,
    In today’s game, Pepboys 2 vs SoAr, Mr. Hough put the score down as a double loss for arguing, but that was totally the SoAr team’s fault. They had a goalkeeper who used no hands, but he stayed on the goal line the whole time so we argued that they cheated but the SoAr team kept on saying that it was OK. Isn’t that cheating? If that is, Pepboys 2 should have won.

  50. Renny C says:

    I’m telling the truth Mr. Caldwell I swear!

  51. Renny C says:

    Mr. Caldwell I forgot to see you today about the soccer game what should I do?

  52. Sam K says:

    So many double losses, it is ridiculous and BLASPHEMOUS,we have to do something with the officiating Mr Caldwell

  53. Chayan B says:

    Man.. we are versing the best team on monday. Guess all of us are going to be defence.

  54. Adam S says:

    WOOHOO In the Championship baby!

  55. Jennifer says:

    Has a team of mostly 7th graders ever won? 😀

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