Team Standings

Team WLT
2-FC Blammers041
3-Gnarly 9230
4- OC Thunder131
5- 5 All Stars122
6- Triple Kool221

Team Roster

1-WVMNate H, Mathew S, Malcolm O, Matthew T, Mustafa S, Jonathan C, Zain H, Nick A, Omar A, Cameron G
2- FC BlammersKerenna S, Tara E, Tara A, Aliya S, Allyssa S, Lauren F, Ashlyn S, David C, Kazuki V, Jack B
3-Gnarly 9Mckenna R, Ashlee K, Katrina L, Ellie K, Aneila B, Nick D, Caitie L, Kolbie T, Luke D, Dyllan L
4-OC ThunderSnehn B, Ankit R, Viraj D, Amrit P, Dhruv L, Karthis K, Siraij A, Harris K, Raj K, Manav M.
5-5 All StarsLogan I, Cooper K, Mark S, Mohammed N, Youssef S, Peter X, Hider A, Yousef E, Max B, Alec D
6-Triple CoolMike C, Towne A, Lincoln C, Alex A, Luke L, Katrina L, Michael C, Haley H, Haley F, Ranvir, G
7-CheeriosYamato E, Spencer S, Connor V, Andrew W, Ryan D, Jerry V, Mark A, JD M, Jason C, Ahmed A
8-HeavenHevin G, Shane L, Julian I, Tyler W, Omar Y, Cullan M, Mason U, Kevin C, Skyler S, Birl L


  1. Hi Mr. Calwell.
    Can I be on Bokota’s Bumble Bees?
    I forgot to sign up.
    It’s the same team as my brother, Connor Berger.

  2. Can I switch teams now? jk. really though hearts of fire, thats the best you could come up with! I like fake football better.

  3. Mr. Caldwell, I do not know your email so I am just going to ask you on here. Can you add A.j Aviles to the team “Big Santa” please? Thanks, Ivan good luck!

  4. really hearts on fire. At least take off the extra hearts!
    btw i go by miller on this now cause there is other justins. see yah tomorrow

      • i TOTALLY agree that ivan………………………………………………………………………………………. i mean his team is moody.. 🙂

  5. You need to change our name for the playoffs, Mr Caldwell. If we make it to the finals can you read off all of the names you’ve givin us? 🙂

  6. Big santa!! We are going to win this baby! Casrson we got this! Im going to score 2 goals like in the first game i played! Big santa!!!!!

  7. Mr caldwell remember to read all of team 1’s names on the loud speaker tomorrow!
    We need a finals name to
    Im thinking
    Firey hearts on burning hot fire

  8. Hey Mr. Caldwell,
    Can our team, the Strikers, play the Sparkly Unicorns after next week’s game.

    P.S: I think my name is spelled wrong on the list.

  9. Hi Mr. Caldwell,
    In today’s game, Pepboys 2 vs SoAr, Mr. Hough put the score down as a double loss for arguing, but that was totally the SoAr team’s fault. They had a goalkeeper who used no hands, but he stayed on the goal line the whole time so we argued that they cheated but the SoAr team kept on saying that it was OK. Isn’t that cheating? If that is, Pepboys 2 should have won.

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