1-Small Blondies000
2-Go Go Squeeze000
6-Us 4000
7-Waffle Bears000
8-Moon Pandas000
9-Yellow Pineapples000
10-Double Trees000
11-Big Z000
13-Irvine Chargers000
19-Floppy Disk00

Team Roster

1-Small BlondiesLuke L., Alex A., David P., Ellie K., Jason C.
2- Go Go SqueezeElizabeth K., Jazmin E., Jizelle C., Sophia J., Morgan C.
3-MericaTowne A., Ranvir G., Lincoln C., Travis N., Carl E.
4-CucumerballMatthew T., Eric C., Jonathan C., Aaron L., Jonathan M.
5-MaysAndrew B., Brian M., Connor V., Declan H., Sean K.
6-Us 4McKenna R., Ashlee k., Caitie L., Katrina L.
7-Waffle BearsSpencer S., Steven C., Faisal P., Wahid S., Sean M.
8-Moon PandasNathan Ng., Geewhan K., Michael H., Brandon Y., David K.
9-Yellow PineapplesKerenna S., Lauren F., Kaitlyn L., Alyssa S., Sava N.
10- Double TreesDavid C., Kevin Tu., Kaira P., Henry W., Shawn L.
11-Big ZMr. Zuercher., Andrew W., Frances K., Michelle K.
12-GordoDanny N., Grant L., Armin A., Alec C., Ansh T.
13-Irvine ChargersAhmed A., Chris R., Rian F., Jmarie F., Cory B.
14-RRWHarvey Z., William C., Brian S., Omar Y., Muhammad S.
15-KooldidSebastian H., David L., Steven G., Mohammed H.
16-BornAlex M., Michael C., Jimmy L., Connor M., Adam A.
17-Asians+1Josh M., Brandon R., Jason M., Albert Z., Damian P.
18-NutcrakcersLuke D., Jack B., Nick D., J.D.M., Nolan K.
19-Floppy DiskNoam E., Youngbo S., Chris P., Kameron F., Cole K.


  1. the heck? zuercher is playing like the worst team. mi friends and we play Ivan Kim?? o well. we’re gonna win anyways. no worrys

    • Monday. We have 34 teams so only 16 teams can play at a time and over 2 days that is 32 teams which leaves out 2 which happens to be you. Its kind of a bummer but with that many teams thats how it works. Monday will be here soon

  2. Our team is going to CRUSH all of the teams (mostly…) Anyway… For team 10, my name is Rochishni K. Not Rochishri K. 😛 When is our next match Mr.C?

    • I hear you but Hough does it differently then I do so be patient. Once all teams have played 5 games the playoffs will start. You will play Monday

    • What’s up Roni. Look at the standings. As soon as each team has played 5 games then we will start the playoffs. Should be right after Thanksgiving. See you Monday

  3. aw….. 🙁 failed (dissapointed)

    but during softball lunhtime sports im going to berserk evertime. i will got to boomers practice everytime if i have time. my goal for this year is to win at least one lunchtime sport so ill be famous.
    well i hope im going to the finals during softball. plus im kinda good at softball too.

    • thanks Carson but theres one problem. I am out tomorrow so my boys have to step up. Take it easy on them. Shivani I hear you but we need a miracle so i can come back Wednesday and handle business

    • carson u guys r just getting lucky playing like the worst teams in ur regular season. if u guys beat caldwell tomorrow, that’s a joke. cuz caldwell wont be there.

      • Ivan don’t be jealous that we went farther than you. You said you could beat all the teams… except Zuercher. Well I guess you will just have to see us win it all in the finals 🙂

  4. I am confused, we won yesturday but we played your team today in sudden death? then there was another sudden death? Whats up with the pickleball caldwell?

      • They lost todays sudden death and the one tommorow is due to a confusion in the score. I belive we won today though yet we will still have a sudden death. The score was 33-34. They thought the score was 33 all. Either way sudden death tommorow

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