Irvine Junior Games

33rd Annual-Irvine Junior Games-2016

Sunday, May 5 from 9:15am-6:00pm at Irvine Stadium

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The 29th annual Irvine Junior Games is a family fundraising Track and Field Meet involving more than 1400 4th-8th grade IUSD students, benefiting the Irvine Children’s Fund. The Irvine Children’s Fund(ICF) is a nonprofit organization in partnership with the Irvine Child Care Project (ICCP) with the purpose of raising money to provide quality affordable, accessible before and after school child care for elementary school children, to provide child care scholarships for enrolled families, to assist in funds to maintain the facilities, and to provide grants to the elementray and middle schools and child care sites. There are now before and after school child care sites located on 21 elementary school sites in Irvine.

To participate each student will pay a $30.00 registration fee . Each athlete will receive an official Irvine Junior Games T-shirt and ticket to Wild Rivers and all the proceeds from the athletes registration, the gates and the concessions benefit the Irvine Children’s Fund.

Events- IJG has events for special needs and adaptive physical education children which is awesome. Here is the list of events to compete in. 100 meter sprint, 400, 800, and 1500 meter long distance runs, 4 x 100 relay, soccer kick , basketball shoot, and the running long jump. Top 3 finishers in each event will receive a Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal.

Thanks to the generous Irvine Junior Games sponsors and grants, The Irvine Children’s Fund has made the following contributions:

$1,740,000 ICF donated for childcare scholarships.
$230,900 to maintain and expand childcare facilities.
$188,835 to schools and teachers participating in the Irvine Junior Games.
$172,000 to childcare sites for activities and supplies.
$21,900 to complete ADA upgrades at 7 child care sites.

Irvine Junior Games Records

2018 Medal Winners

2017 Medal Winners

2016 Medal Winners

2015 Medal Winners

2014 Medal Winners

2013 Medal Winners

2012 Medal Winners

2011 Medal Results

2010 Medal Results

2008 Medal Winners

8th Grade
1500 Meter- Calvin Anderson, Silver
800 Meter- William Lee, Silver
Long Jump- Cheyne Sanfilippo, Gold
Relay- Calvin Anderson, Justin Jenkins, William Lee, Cheyne Sanfilippo, Silver
Soccer Kick- Kelsey Heflin, Gold
800 Meter- Julia Northcutt, Silver
Relay-Taelor Elliot, Jamie Nieruchulski, Amy & Michelle Nguyen, Silver

7th Grade
Long Jump- Emma Wriblicky, Bronze
400 Meter Sprint- Michael Chavez, Gold
Long Jump- Jimmy Alford, Silver
Soccer Kick- Aric Piesen, Silver
Soccer Kick- Trevor Hymen, Gold Record 186.6
400 Meter Sprint & 800 Meter- Nicholas Yoon, Gold
Relay-Nicholas Yoon, Trevor Hymen, Hunter Patbn, Michael Chavez, Gold
800 Meter Sprint Gold,1500 Meter Gold, Lee Lazar

2007 Medal Winners

8th Grade
Soccer Kick- Ethan Thursby, Bronze
800 Meter- Ryan Purcell, Gold
1500 Meter- Ryan Purcell, Gold
4×100 Relay Boys- Bronze
800 Meter- Rebecca Tuttle, Gold
1500 Meter- Rebecca Tuttle, Gold

7th Grade
100 Meter- Julia Northcutt, Silver
800 Meter- Julia Northcutt, Gold
400 Meter- Julia Northcutt, Silver
Long Jump- Cheyne Sanfilippo, Silver
Soccer Kick- Stephen Harris, Silver
Soccer Kick- Amy Nguyen, Silver
Basketball Shoot- Bryson Crawford, Gold
Basketball Shoot- Scott Patten, Bronze
Basketball Shoot- Kelsey Heflin, Bronze
4×100 Girls , Gold
4×100 Boys , Bronze

2006 Medal Winners

7/8 Grade Boys
Kyle B (Gold) 100m
Anthony D (Silver) 1500m
Bryce H (Bronze) basketball shoot, (Bronze) 4×100 relay
Clayton E (Silver) 100m, (Silver) 400m, (Silver) soccer kick, (Bronze) 4×100 relay
Tony F (Bronze) soccer kick, (Bronze) 4×100 relay
Alex T (Bronze) 4×100 relay
Joaquin E (Bronze) 1500m
Ryan P (Silver) 400m, (Bronze) 4×100 relay
Ben L (Bronze) 4×100 relay
Ethan T (Bronze) soccer kick
Umang (Bronze) 4×100 relay
Eric W (Bronze) 4×100 relay

7/8 Grade Girls
Vanessa L (Gold) 100m
Rebecca T (Gold) 1500m, (Bronze) 4×100 relay
Amanda D (Gold) 400m, (Gold) 4×100 relay( IJG Record) , (Silver) soccer kick, (Silver) long jump, (Silver) 100m
Paige and Lindsay G (Gold) 4×100 relay (IJG Record)
Liana R (Gold) 4×100 relay (IJG Record) , (Bronze) 100m
Ashley D (Bronze) 400m, (Bronze) 4×100 relay
Katie P (Bronze) 4×100 relay
Sophia B (Bronze) 4×100 relay
Savini (Bronze) 800m
Aviv L (Silver) basketball shoot, (Silver) 800m

2005 Medal Winners

8th Grade
400 Meter- Spencer H (bronze)
800 Meter- Brain H (silver)
Relay- Brain B, Brian G, Spencer H, Cody I (bronze)
1500 Meter- Colby A (bronze)

100 Meter- Kaila G (gold) , Stephanie B (bronze)
400 Meter- Kaila G (gold) , Stephanie B ( bronze)
800 Meter- Katie F (bronze)
Relay- Kaila G, Stephanie B, Natalie C, Margaret Y (silver)

7th Grade
100- Clayton E (gold)
400 Meter- Clayton E (gold)
800 Meter- Clayton E (gold)
1500 Meter- Clayton E (silver)
Relay- Clayton E, Anthony D, Tony F, Jesse G (silver)
Long Jump- Clayton E (silver)
Basketball Shoot- Eric K (silver)
Soccer Kick- Clayton E (gold) , Tony F (silver)

100 Meter- Paige G (gold)
400 Meter- Lindsay G (gold) , Amanda D (silver)
800 Meter- Aviv L (bronze)
1500 Meter- Melissa K (silver)
Relay- Paige G, Lindsay G, Amanda D, Melissa K (gold)
Basketball Shoot- Bar L (gold)
Long Jump- Melissa K (gold)