Art of Breathing-Metabolic Breathing

BREATHE! Good job today learning about some of the basics of breathing, breathing through your nose and through your mouth. We will have 5 more lessons about breath and then you will have a great baseline knowledge on how to breathe properly which will increase your health and vitality!

For the next week I want you to focus on breathing through your nose at all times(2/3 of your breath from your belly, 1/3 from your chest) and notice how you feel. It will take practice but over time you can do it.

Click on the links below to learn more about health benefits of breathing properly.

Free Breathing Program

Sports Specialization

Students, I hope you guys were listening today in class? Talk with your parents and see if you can try something new! I also encourage you to get out in your neighborhood and play pick up basketball games, ride your bike, play wiffle ball, and just have fun!

“All athletes young and old need an off-season. A time to rest, strength train, stretch, work on skills, rehab, play other sports, etc. Kids are not yet in tune with their bodies, it is our job as parents and coaches to step in and shut them down as needed.”

Bro Up!

Yo fellas I hope you enjoyed the “Bro” talks today? Each on of you reading this right now has a special gift and talent you will use the rest of your life! It’s all about figuring out what yours is! Watch the videos below!

Bike Ride and Surfing in San Clemente

Yo peoples! I had a nice leisurely bike ride today in San Clemente enjoying the sun and watching the waves. I encourage you all to put down your phones and video games and get outside and enjoy the beautiful things of this world! Keep your body moving and your brain stimulated. Below are 2 videos from my ride. Surfing/exercise is my therapy! I encourage you to give it a try!