5 On 5 Basketball

Court 3- 4 VS 10
Court 4- 2 VS 16

Team WLT
1-Rians 140
2-Harlem Snake320
4-Little Baby Tigers410
6- Lamar230
9- Grannies310
11-Hot Mess040
14-Gold Ponies400
15-Maurers Flowers 2500
16-Team Zane410
17-Green Grass230
18-D X 3040
19-Hearts on fire 3330
1-RiansJason M, Damian P,Carl E,Travis N,Ranvir G,Albert Z
2-Harlem SnakeMatt W, Nate L, Joe S, Derek H, Joseph O,Tyler M, Joey F
3-Stallions Alex C, Terry O,Leo K,Nathan N, Priyash J, Young M, Sidney S
4-Little Baby TigersMathot,Sam C, Peter N,Mo A,Spencer C,Paul T, Cooper K
5-losersMarcus G,Moose S,Brandon R,Shawn M,Jacob Y,Andrew K,Zain H
6-LamarAldrei M, Lamar M,Marcelo R, Jason B, Noah P,Jun P,Darryl C
7-SwishesStephen H, Nathaniel B, Mr Duh , John K, Parsa, Matt W, Paul
8-CheeseballMatt I,Ivan C, Mike M,Gabe E, Mateo C, Ethan L, Aneen B
9-GranniesBellas, Cam C, Evan K, Sam M, Kia, Stephen G, Mark S
10- G2 Zach B, Max H, Justin N ,Jai, Justin S, Connor V
11-Hot MessLangdon, JKJ,Tony E, Troy C, Matt S, AML
12-ClippersAlex M, Mike C,Andrew B, Hayden ,Sean H, Jack P, Harvey Z
13-Fame Rian, Rahimi, Harold, Hayden B, Mike N,Tyrese,James M
14-Gold PoniesJohn K, Simon H,Colin P,Luke L,Luke C,Joe B,Johnny w
15-Maurer's Flowers 2Maurer,Doron,Rohan,Mayilone,Muhammed S, Eric L
16- Team ZaneMillers,Nate H,Devin O,Sam L,Erin M,Jonah L
17- Green GrassDavid B, Andrew K,Eric Y,Zeeshan,Sepehr,Kyle C
18- D X 3 Jacob B, D Miller,William L, D Kotin, Adam S, Omar A,D Kim
19- Hearts on fire 3Akshay,Bowie, Neil Abdalla,Andrew W,Malcom O, Norman G


  1. Mr. Caldwell, i have a question
    my team(no.9) played team no. 12, and we won by 2points…
    but it says we lost and they won
    what happened?:O

    • whats up Lucas my bad I forgot to bring home the schedule and winners from today so it will be up in the morning.

  2. hey mr caldwell, is it possible that you can change the schedule because a couple of our players are not going to be at school tomorrow? we’re team 17. thanks

  3. For team 15 the roster is supposed to be
    Ivan K, Akshay H, Justin D, Sam K, Vincent S, Josh K, Westin W, Harold K

    • Come play team 11 we won’t beat your team we just allow you to lose!!!
      We were’nt even trying the first game between us!

  4. Hey Mr. Caldwell, tomorrow we are going to have some players gone at festival for music. Is it ok if we have a bye? If not are we allowed to get subs?

  5. Did team 11 have to be matched up with team 14… to be honest that should be the finals.
    I don’t like the idea of a Mauruer and Mathot finals.

  6. Maurer said hes only going to play in the finals well atleast to me, and caldwell how are you going to decide the bye? Anyways maurer va mathot is the beat finals game are you kidding me?

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