ELDOA 2-Spine Health

What’s up people? Summer is half over today! I just got back from doing the ELDOA Level 2 class in San Diego. I am very sore but learned a ton of new tools to help keep your spine healthy during this upcoming school year. Get outside and have fun while you can. To learn more about the power of ELDOA click here. See you soon!

ELDOA Saved my Neck and Changed my Life

Students please click on the link below and read about the power of ELDOA!

“After two days of working out under the guidance of Dr. Pyne and Velazquez I was able to stop taking painkillers. That was the first sign these exercises were working. Gradually I began feeling normal again as I became more aware of my postural issues.”

ELDOA Saved my Neck and Changed my Life


ELDOA Week 3

Good job today students learning the L4-L5 and T8-T9 ELDOA factors of progression. I spoke with some of you later in the day and you said you felt lighter and more loose! As the weeks go on you will get better at being able to due all of the cues(tuck chin, sit tall, etc.) at one time and then we can flow from posture to posture!

You might have a quiz next Wednesday so click here to read more about ELDOA. DO NOT FREAK OUT YOU WILL DO FINE ON THE QUIZ!