3 On 3 Basketball

3 On 3 Basketball

Mr. Mathot vs. Mr. Anto


Team WLT
1-North Korea120
2-Little Zebras700
6-Bench Warmers610
7-Winless Wonders040
9-The Rainbow Colored Ponies130
10-Spicy Nachos130
11-The Duh-ds510
12-The Golden Toenails420
15-Rubix Cube510
18-Taiwanese Kippah's040
19-No Win220
20-Dynamic Trio310
23-Dream Team600
24-Neil Nagpal : Baller310
25-The Betrayed130
26-Men on Demand520

Team Roster

1-North koreaSam K., Eric Y.,Michael S.,Alvic
2-Little ZebrasMr.Mathot, Mohammad A, Bowie L., Neil N
3- 5-0Anthony E.., Sam M., Josh K
4-5xAshley C., Mr.Millers., Erin M., Young M., Leo K
5- aples Nathan N., Alex C., Eric L., Geewham K., Brandon V.
6- beanch warmers Aldrei, Sepehr K., Marcelo R., Abdul, Lamar M.
7-Winless WondersJustin P., Harvey Z., Armin A., Andrew C., Mohammad S.
8-MiscellaneousShivan S., Micheal M., Ivan C., Matthew I
9-The Ranbowed Colored PoniesKevin H, Henry K., Bishon W., Ramal S., Samud L.
10-Spicy NachosJack P., Samuel L., Ethan L., Mayilone S.
11-The Duh-ds Brandon R., Jason P., Mr. Duh, Damlan P., Devin Owens
12-The golden ToenailsJpe S., Siman H., Joey F., Rohan R
13- DiversityMatt the boss weyand, Akshay brown, Cammy, sam F, MICHAEL FREEMAN
14-SwishStephen H., Nathaniel B., Matthew W., Parsa K
15-Rubric CubeJason B., Jon K., Andrew K., Zeeshain Z., Emory S
16-TakeruTakeru E., Noah Ng., Tim K.
17-Unkown Jason M., Justin S., Travis N., Carl E.
18-Taiwanesekippaah'sWilliam L., David K., Jacob B., Terry C.
19-No WinNate L., Derek H., Evan K.
20-Dinamic TreoZack B.,Johnny Y., Joseph O.
21-Yolo Swagg <3 <3Alex M., Mike C., Luke L., Andrew B., conner M.
22-0-5Bryce E., Sean B., Madix M., Evan K., Brooks B.
23-Hearts on fire <3<3Chris R., Rian F., Ranur G., Santiago S., Jacob Y.
24-Niel Nagpal: BallerPeter N., Justin D., Justin N.
25-The BetrayedDaniel K., Jessica D., Jeffery Q.,David S.
26-Men on DemandSamad A., Luke C., Abdala J., Spencer C.
27-KiaAnto, Kia D, Yuri Y
28- HarpMichael h, steven g, darrel e


  1. Mr. caldwell, where can we see the matches? i need to kno if we are playing tommorow cuz if not ill bring my own basketball. team is jose mcdonald # 8

  2. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A small court again!!!
    BTW mr hough said he would not switch us the other day because that would be “special treatment” and unfair to others!! can u just switch our court? we are playing mytoe too so it will be even more crowded!

    • sucks to be your team. Just make the best of it and hope next time you are on a normal size court. See you Tuesday

  3. Hi mr cadwell my team 35 did not lose twice we are 1 and 1. Also why are we not playing again we already didnt play the first day.

    • all teams who won 3 or more games got in plus one team I believe who had less wins. Victories get you in. If there are good teams who cant step up their game then they are out.

  4. Since ivan is not playing it is fine that mr ralston plays in his spot right? He is on our roster, but he has had to watch the blacktop so he could not play until now.

  5. Aight time to start defending my Around the World championship. Though I will say one more thing about 3 on 3, 9-1 is still pretty good!!! And also we were the best passing team svms has ever seen….. ✌

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