Team Handball

Team Handball

Schedule-Monday-January 14
Playoffs start on Friday. Top 8 are in.
(court 1) 1 VS 3
(court 2) 12 VS 7

1-Birthday Bash400
2-Ugly Ducklings210
3-Maple Story II110
4-Chicken Nuggets220
5-Blue Berry's220
6-The Noodles130
7-Jong II II220
8-Hard Core Red-Velvet Penguins 120
9-Those Guys120
10-That One Girls Team 120
11-Buzzer Beaters040
12-Little Baby Lions310
13- Heart On Fire <3 ! <3040

1- Birthday Bash1- Sammy, Matt W, Akshay H, Michael Freeman, Cameron k, Sam M, JKJ, Ben pinkS, John C
2-Ugly Ducklings 2- Evan K, Alec ML, Anthony E, Brooks B, Matt S, Jake S, Sean B, Joey F, Joe S, Andrew B,
3-Maple Story II: Return of maple story3- Koby P, Simon H, Jordan L, Timothy K, Noah N, Noah p , Derek H
4- Chicken Nuggets4- Joe B, Davind K, Jacob B, William L, BrianF, David M, Jacob F, Adam S, Sean B, Matt A
5-Blue Berrys5-Luke C, Gabe E, John Y, Spencer C, joesph O, Kyle C, Tyreese M, B randon Y, Takeru E, Andrew B
6- The Noodles 6- Nathan N, Daniel W, Geewhan K, Jason N, Alex C, Brandon Y, Raining C, Danny N, Michael P, Harrison Z
7-Jang II 7-Michael S, Eric Y, Jungmo K, Andrew K, John K, Jeffrey P. Emory S, Abdul F, David B
8- Hardcore REd- Velvet Penguins 8- Young M, Alesh P, Joshua R, Robet K, Vidcar S, Jonah L, Chris Y, Justin p, Harvy Z
9- Those Guys 9-Aldrie M, Samad A, Matthew I, Michael M, Shivon S, Ivan C, Jason B, Lamar M
10- That 0ne Girl Team 10-Livi S, Julia R, Sydney G, Cara L, Kellie M, Ashley R, Morgan F, Arianna S, Linda B, JJ H, Skyler G
11- The Buzzer Beaters11- Sucher J, Aly K, Parsa k, Santosh S, Jai A, Jeff M, Jack P, Matt R
12- Little Baby Lions 12- MO, Luke L, Collin P, Rohan R, My toe, Bryce E, Maddox M, Jacob L
13- Hearts On Fire <3 ! <3 13- Mike C, Alex M, Connor M, Andrew B, Brian M, Tyler M, Andrew W, Sean H, Connor V


  1. im supposed be on Asians+1/2 team but one of the people scribbled out my name but the team captain wants me on the team. i signed up for another team when they turned it in without adding my name.. can u take me off that team add me to this team. also cant a team have 11 players, mr hough said only ten

  2. Ahaha very funny CALDWELL. An you didnt video or full game where we to good or something?? just asking. An CJ Ried when you see this let your players know you dont post to be all up on the person grill when their trying too pass the ball it 3feet apart unless you try to jump for it when the ball is out of their hand.

  3. Can we play 9 or. 14 since theirs an mistakee. haha john were 3-0 don’t worry John we will play you thursday I’m looking at we might score over 50 points cause were boss ask (KFC swagger) what happen. GoodLuck sunshine. Lol

  4. Haha Ivan their more teams out their someone would probably beat us!! Caugh caugh caught! Legoo Cash Money I told you where just on the plain going to the finals it will be an great vacation 4us yeee

  5. hello mr caldwell. my friend kiwon yun wanted to play team handball and join our team but he couldnt becayse our team was already full with i think 10 players or
    11. so he signed up for another team
    but their team decides not to play. and kiwon wants to
    join our team. even though we already have a full team would
    it be allright for one more player to come into the azns+1/2 team? thank u

  6. Haha Joshua and John that look like an lose what happen fellas hahhahahahhaha. Caldwell don’t hate on our name you should be proud of us! CashMoney!! All the way leggoo! An Caldwell you should put our team against you an I few of your boys.

  7. Hello, Mr.Caldwell. I could not make it to handball signups today because of chess games. Would you be able to put me in the Hardcore Red velvet penguins.

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