6 on 6 Volleyball

Schedule-Playoffs Monday
Court 5- 8 vs.6
Team 3- Bye to the Championships on Tuesday


Team WLT
2-FC Blammers041
3-Gnarly 9230
4- OC Thunder131
5- 5 All Stars122
6- Triple Kool221

Team Roster

1-WVMNate H, Mathew S, Malcolm O, Matthew T, Mustafa S, Jonathan C, Zain H, Nick A, Omar A, Cameron G
2- FC BlammersKerenna S, Tara E, Tara A, Aliya S, Allyssa S, Lauren F, Ashlyn S, David C, Kazuki V, Jack B
3-Gnarly 9Mckenna R, Ashlee K, Katrina L, Ellie K, Aneila B, Nick D, Caitie L, Kolbie T, Luke D, Dyllan L
4-OC ThunderSnehn B, Ankit R, Viraj D, Amrit P, Dhruv L, Karthis K, Siraij A, Harris K, Raj K, Manav M.
5-5 All StarsLogan I, Cooper K, Mark S, Mohammed N, Youssef S, Peter X, Hider A, Yousef E, Max B, Alec D
6-Triple CoolMike C, Towne A, Lincoln C, Alex A, Luke L, Katrina L, Michael C, Haley H, Haley F, Ranvir, G
7-CheeriosYamato E, Spencer S, Connor V, Andrew W, Ryan D, Jerry V, Mark A, JD M, Jason C, Ahmed A
8-HeavenHevin G, Shane L, Julian I, Tyler W, Omar Y, Cullan M, Mason U, Kevin C, Skyler S, Birl L


  1. Ivan K says:

    team 2…

  2. Aldrei says:

    Hehe our team is green grass

  3. Ramal S says:

    Hey caldwell. on Team 8. the name is “If you lose, you must really suck.” and my name is spelled wrong. its Ramal S not Camal. thanks =)

  4. Carson says:

    Are we not playing tommorow?

  5. Jessie says:

    haha Mr. Caldwell my name is spelled wrong 😛 and so is Kaitlyn’s and Riya’s last name starts with a D sorry if my hand writing was really bad and that’s why you can’t read it my bad. Can’t wait for tomorrow :)

  6. Jessie says:

    Mr. Caldwell who are we playing tomorrow? Our team isn’t on there neither is team ten (we’re team 13 by the way)

  7. Ramal S says:

    When will the schedule be up?

  8. Hough says:

    Great Job to all who participated in Volleyball this year it was a huge success! Keep posted for Softball sign-ups next week!

  9. john says:

    will we be doing 2 v 2 volleyball?

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