6 on 6 Volleyball

Schedule-Playoffs Monday
Court 5- 8 vs.6
Team 3- Bye to the Championships on Tuesday


Team WLT
2-FC Blammers041
3-Gnarly 9230
4- OC Thunder131
5- 5 All Stars122
6- Triple Kool221

Team Roster

1-WVMNate H, Mathew S, Malcolm O, Matthew T, Mustafa S, Jonathan C, Zain H, Nick A, Omar A, Cameron G
2- FC BlammersKerenna S, Tara E, Tara A, Aliya S, Allyssa S, Lauren F, Ashlyn S, David C, Kazuki V, Jack B
3-Gnarly 9Mckenna R, Ashlee K, Katrina L, Ellie K, Aneila B, Nick D, Caitie L, Kolbie T, Luke D, Dyllan L
4-OC ThunderSnehn B, Ankit R, Viraj D, Amrit P, Dhruv L, Karthis K, Siraij A, Harris K, Raj K, Manav M.
5-5 All StarsLogan I, Cooper K, Mark S, Mohammed N, Youssef S, Peter X, Hider A, Yousef E, Max B, Alec D
6-Triple CoolMike C, Towne A, Lincoln C, Alex A, Luke L, Katrina L, Michael C, Haley H, Haley F, Ranvir, G
7-CheeriosYamato E, Spencer S, Connor V, Andrew W, Ryan D, Jerry V, Mark A, JD M, Jason C, Ahmed A
8-HeavenHevin G, Shane L, Julian I, Tyler W, Omar Y, Cullan M, Mason U, Kevin C, Skyler S, Birl L


  1. Hey caldwell. on Team 8. the name is “If you lose, you must really suck.” and my name is spelled wrong. its Ramal S not Camal. thanks =)

  2. haha Mr. Caldwell my name is spelled wrong 😛 and so is Kaitlyn’s and Riya’s last name starts with a D sorry if my hand writing was really bad and that’s why you can’t read it my bad. Can’t wait for tomorrow 🙂

  3. Mr. Caldwell who are we playing tomorrow? Our team isn’t on there neither is team ten (we’re team 13 by the way)

  4. Great Job to all who participated in Volleyball this year it was a huge success! Keep posted for Softball sign-ups next week!

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