Ping Pong

Starts in June


  1. hey mr caldwell, my name is arek, and i am in 8th grade. I left this comment because I hear ur pretty good at ping pong. Not to brag, but I am a force to be reckoned with, and wish to defeat you… with that said, we didnt have ping pong last year, i was wondering if we will have them this year thanks!

    • whats up Arek YES I HAVE SKILLZ AND I WILL CRUSH YOU! We should be able to play towards the end of the year. Start practicing.

  2. how will the pingpong game be like 2 on 2 or 1 on 1 oh and instead of around the world can we do fooseball and yes i am sure that i mis spelled it but i dont know how to spell fooseball and i am too lazy to research it :p

  3. mr caldwell, i’ve been practicing
    pingpong every week with my friend! we are absolutely amazing and we’ve been practicing over 10 hours every week! i want to face you one-n-one!! 😛

    • well done sir but you need about 2 million more hours of practice before you can take me down. It’s on. We will play sometime in January probably.

      • what really!!! 2 million more hours! well me and my friend practiced for like a year so……..idk we practiced for like THOUSANDS of hours! we’ll see whos better (probably me!!!)

  4. HI MR.Caldwell my name is scott and i talked to you early on wed 2/22/2012 around 4th per. when you came by i did go to your website like you said but i have morris for my PE teacher for 7th per. but is it OK if icould come there for tutorial tommrow thanks.

    name: scott K
    P.E. Teacher:morris
    Grade: 7

  5. Hello Mr. Caldwell!
    I am in 7th and I am telling you that I will dominate! Well, probably not, but I am looking forward to be playing this year!

  6. Mr. Caldwell, for lunchtime sports, will there be 2-2 ping pong and 1-1 ping pong or just one of them. Also, could you sign up for each one?

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