Caldwell’s Bio

ELDOA 1 Certified Practitioner
B.S. Kinesiology, San Diego State University
Master of Science in Health and Nutrition Education (MHNE) Hawthorn University
Functional Medicine Specialist-The Kalish Method
Certified Metabolic Typing ® Adviser(CMTA)
C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 2
C.H.E.K Certificated In Primal Pattern Movements(push, pull, twist, bend, lunge, squat, gait-walk, jog, sprint).
C.H.E.K Certificated In Program Design- (choosing reps, loads, tempo, and rest periods for your exercise program)
The Metabolic Blueprint-Understand your metabolism and heal your health!-Josh and Jeanne Rubin
Attaining Optimal Health In The 21st Century-David Getoff
Certified NESTA Personal Fitness Trainer
Certificated Physical Education Teacher- Teaching Experience 20 Years(1998-present)
2003 Teacher of the Year, Sierra Vista Middle School
Nutrtion and Lifestyle Coach at CA Yard Dawgs College of Baseball 2013

Teaching Experience
I have been teaching for 20 years. 2 years at Mission Viejo Christian School and 18 years at Sierra Vista Middle School.

Coaching Experience
2 years as head coach of the Mission Viejo Christian School Flag Football Team and Basketball Team. Head coach of the Mission Bay High School(San Diego)frosh/soph Baseball Team, and lastly assistant coach of the Northwood frosh/soph Baseball Team.

Sports I Played in High School/College
In High School I played 4 years of Baseball(1st team all league in 1992), 2 years of Basketball, 1 year of Football. At Saddleback Junior College I played 2 years of Baseball(pitcher and centerfield).

Working with people using nutrition and lifestyle changes to help them get back to living a healthy life full of vitality, surfing, bike riding, reading, surfing, reading the Bible, swimming, tennis, eating healthy, surfing, resting, functional training, watching baseball tonight on ESPN, surfing, watching sportscenter, and surfing.

2003 “Teacher Of The Year ” award winner at Sierra Vista Middle School
1992 “1st Team All League”-Baseball at Mission Viejo High School.
1991 “Team Defensive Player Of The Year”-Baseball at Mission Viejo High School

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  1. John Kim says:

    wow..ur really experienced

    • Neal Caldwell says:

      Thank you sir it takes a lot of hard work

      • shivani says:

        i agree with john… that’s very impressive.. and I was psyched when i saw that you were going to be my pe teacher.. because you had my brother 6 years ago and he really liked you :)

  2. maddie says:

    i agree with john and shivani….. u r very experienced

  3. Cara says:

    you had my brother Tucker, and do you know Amber Aviles or Brandon, “Brando”, ( i dont know his last name, but his moms name is Vickie)their my good friends, well Amber is….brando does polo with my brother……im a polo goalie my legs get worked soooo hard, i bet its a good workout….

  4. George eabody says:

    Woah Mr. C, I didn’t expeect all this this is really awesome! I always tell my parens about your lessons and what you teach us and they always say when we tell you this you don’t listen but when he tells you you listen. It is really quite funny except half the stuff they just say they told me but they never did!

    • Neal Caldwell says:

      whats up George listen to your parents sir they know what they are talking about. Is this the first time checking out the site. What took so long

  5. cara says:

    Cool…haha I’m actually replying off of mrs thomas’s phone rite now, we r at brando and tuckes jv polo game at uni rite now, I am going 2 c u in period 5 2morrow. Pickleball madness!!!

  6. Gianluca says:

    you really like to surf huh? have you ever seen a shark while surfing? i have while boogie-boarding. if you have we should start a club. :)

  7. Michael says:

    Wow. Your AMAZING!!!!!!!!!


  8. Justin says:

    Wow San Diego State and Mission Viejo High school.
    Both schools I do not like. :)

  9. bethany says:

    thats funny!! hi MR.Caldwell

  10. Shila says:

    Hey Mr.Caldwell, I’m in Mrs.Morris’s class, but I still check your website. This month we have just started softball,and I’d like to know, do you have any tips for me? I’m not too good at softball, and before we start, I’d like to at least have a head start. Thanks!

    • Neal Caldwell says:

      Hi Shila not to worry Mrs. Morris will be teaching you the basic skills of softball. There will be many other students who have not played as well or have low skill level so not to worry. I would google softball hitting and throwing skills and the google the rules of softball and see what you find. You could find some good videos on how to do the skills. Go for it

  11. Jenna S says:

    I think you should start a surf club at SVMS just like Northwood. If you do…I’m in!

    • Neal Caldwell says:

      that would be awesome I have thought about that before as well. Make sure to join the after school surg trips with Cody sometime this year.

  12. Ocean says:

    You’re so amazing, Mr. Caldwell! I’m so glad to be your student. Keep up the good work as a coach! 😀

  13. Sabrina K. says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are sooo experienced Mr.Caldwell!!!!!!!!! I was soo happy when I found out I was gonna be in your P.E because my friend told me that you are really funny and nice!!!!!!!!!! And i was even more happy when i found out i was in your class again

  14. Jones says:

    Hey Mr.Caldwell! You still operating this site? I use to check this website everyday when I went here. I am a senior now at Northwood high school. What happened to that soundtrack you use to play on this website? BRING IT BACK!

  15. Luci M says:

    Thank you for keeping our kids on their toes in pe class. Wish you much success when you do open up your own health fitness business.

  16. Daniel says:

    What about surfing? Why no mention?

  17. SVMS student. says:

    Hi Mr.Caldwell, when will the jump rope vids be up??

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