GOOD AFTERNOON. Pretty good job to all classes today running the mile and working on our push-ups and curl-ups. If you did not finish recording today make sure to come to tutorial tomorrow to record or finish any fitness test you did not do today.

As for Dr. Diet remember what we talked about today.

You need protein in your food plan as protein forms the structure of your cells, organs, bones and tissue.

You need fats to help trigger “satiety.” Remember satiety is when you eat food and you start to feel full to the point where no more food is required for the body to be satisfied. Fat in your foods can help with that. So remember, just because you are bored does not mean you should go eat students. You are supposted to “eat to live” not “live to eat.” Good fats come from organic, grass fed meats and dairy, coconut oil, raw or organic butter etc. etc. You also need fat to keep your blood sugar stable. You do not want the roller coaster blood sugar where you are high then low then high again.

You need carbohydrates in your food plan as carbs are an important fuel for your body. Your cells like carbohydrate from the right sources such as fruits and vegetables.

In conclusion remeber my goal for you at your age is it to eat more whole foods that are cooked or prepared fresh each day. Focus on different kinds of meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese and a variety of fruits and vegetables. Try and cut back on packaged, refined, processed junky foods we have discussed in class. Remember you get your vitamins and minerals to keep your body healthy from eating these fresh, healhty foods. Try and cut back on drinking soda, gatorade, coffee, energy drinks and focus on water, fruit juice especially orange juice, milk, and coconut water. These drinks are loaded with nutrients.