Student’s and parents make sure to read the following article from one of my friends Antonio Valladares. I met him at a 5 day seminar a couple years ago and he is one smart dude has a similar philosophy to what I am teaching you. Take what he says to heart students. Energy drinks are poison.


Are energy drinks taking our children for a ride?

NEW YORK — 2/01/11- Energy drinks are all the rage these days; they can be found at almost every convenience store and their ultra colorful logos are inescapable at most sports events- from X Games to Nascar. But do they measure up to the billion-dollar hype?

The energy drink industry is a 5 billion dollar market. Red Bull started the madness in 1994 causing the market to explode. Soft drink manufacturers followed suit with new energy drinks including Monster, Rockstar, Sobe, and Adrenaline Rush. There are over 500 new energy drinks on the market today, mostly marketed to a younger demographic.

Are these industrial age cocktails, made with caffeine, sugars (sucrose, glucose, fructose, maltodextrin), artificial sweeteners, herbs, isolated amino acids, vitamins (some with more than 4,000 % of the daily requirement for Vitamin B12) and marketed as ‘performance enhancing functional foods’, nothing more than glorified junk food that come with health serious consequences? Let’s find out…

Do energy drinks actually give you energy?

Well, of course they do; they are amped up with caffeine, sugars, artificial sweeteners and herbs that act as metabolic stimulants. Since most of these products do not list the amount of caffeine, no one really knows how much caffeine you are getting.

Energy drinks range in various sizes from less than 1 ounce to 24 ounces. The spectrum of caffeine dosing in energy drinks varies greatly from 57 mg per drink (Hansen’s) all the way up to 1800 mg (in a 4 ounce can of 5150).

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