Students I need to rant for a minute. I have been talking to many students who are not feeling that well(farty, gassy, bloatey, constipation, diarrhea) because of what they eat on a daily basis. When I ask them to write down what they ate for 3 days guess what I see? PACKAGED, PROCESSED, ADDITIVES, PRESERVATIVES, FOOD COLORINGS, and tons of other words I can’t even pronounce. These foods have tons of chemicals in them that are very low in nutrition and can cause the issues you are having. For example, sometimes it’s not the milk that is making you feel like crap, it’s WHAT THEY PUT IN THE MILK that is making you feel like crap. You might have a food sensitivity to a certain food because of what they add to that food, not the food itself. Look at the food label on what you are eating right now. If you see a paragraph of ingredients I personally would not eat it. Foods should have very few ingredients in them in my opinion. Yes you can have those foods on occasion, JUST NOT EVERY DAY, ALL DAY.

So I encourage you to eat more fresh cooked foods of all kinds and to stay away from foods that have a million ingredients in them and see how you feel. Watch what starts to happen. You will start to poop better, sleep better, think clearly, have less anxiety, skin will look better, and you will have more energy. I challenge you to try it. We have already talked about Dr. Diet in my class a million times. Go back and re-watch some of the videos to re-fresh your mind.

Frisbee Golf was fun today. Remember you do not have to “work-out” all the time to stay healthy. Sometimes you need to “work-in” or focus on “active rest” where you are still doing something but at a much lower stress level to your body. Tomorrow we challenge Mrs. Morris/Cachola in capture the flag. Let’s do this.