YES I AM GIVING YOU HOMEOWRK. Due this Friday, I want you to:
1-pick one athlete that you like or admire.
2-type one paragraph on why you like or admire this person. Make sure to add in some personal facts about this person such as where do they live, how much money they make, their sponsors, are they married etc.
3-below your paragraph I want you to copy and paste multiple pictures of this person so I can see what they do.
4-to sum it up I want one page. On the top half of the page I want a paragraph typed, and on the bottom half of the page I want pictures.
*If you do not have a computer at home you can use a friends, go to your local library, or use the Sierra Vista library at lunch, before and after school. Please see me if you have any questions.
*You can choose any athlete from any sport you can think of.