Study Guides/Tests

Students please make sure to read each study guide and learn the rules and terms of each sport. You might have a short written test, so be ready.

Flag Football
Flag Football Assessment

Soccer Assessment

Pickleball Assessment
References:, Pickle-Ball 3rd Edition For Player and Coach.

Team Handball
Team Handball Assessment

International Games

Basketball Assessment

Ultimate Frisbee

Softball Assessment

Dance Assessment


Australian Football League
United States Australian Football League

Cricket Intro For Schools
Cricket Health Benefits
What Is Cricket

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  1. hi Mr Caldwell, im in your third period p.e i am getting alot better at flag football i am really good at throwing the football in a swirl but not catching it r we going to practice more ?

    1. Hi Riley just on health and fitness. Dont worry you do not need to study. The test wont be that big of a deal. We will talk more in class

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