Staff vs. Student Softball Game

I want to thank Coach Hendrickson for leading our staff softball team to victory over the students by a score of 9-4. I also want to thank Athena, Aiden, and Simon for leading off the game with their impressive softball skills. Please enjoy the videos below. Thank you to all students and staff who came out to play and watch. More games to come next year!

Coach Hendrickson


2015 Irvine Junior Games Highlights

Yesterday was awesome! Congrats to all students who participated in the 2015 Irvine Junior Games. Thank you to Mrs. Morris, Mr. Doan, and Mr. Berman for coming by to support our students. The medal winners are below. Do not miss out next year!

Jennifer F- Bronze Medal Soccer Kick, Silver 4 X 100 Relay
Kathleen O- Gold Medal 100 Meter Sprint, Record Setting Gold Medal Soccer Kick 145 feet, Gold 400 Meter Run, Silver 4 X 100 Relay
Jodh K- Bronze Medal Soccer Kick
Alec O-Silver Medal Soccer Kick
Tara E-Bronze Medal Soccer Kick
Hevin G- Gold Soccer Kick
Markie B- Silver 4 X 100 Relay
Isabelle C- Silver 4 X 100 Relay
Mary K- Silver 4 X 100 relay

All 2015 Medal Winners


Two Rookies Mr. Vince Doan and Mr. Josh Berman
two roookies

Plastic Beads In Your Toothpaste

Always educate yourself students. Read the article below. Small changes in your health and nutrition plan add up to huge health benefits over time.

“They’ll trap bacteria in the gums which leads to gingivitis, and over time that infection moves from the gum into the bone that holds your teeth, and that becomes periodontal disease,” dentist Justin Phillip said, according to Phoenix ABC affiliate KNXV. “Periodontal disease is scary.”

Why Dentists Are Speaking Out About The Plastic Beads In Your Toothpaste

Harmful Effects Of Prolonged Sitting

Students, please read the 2 links below. You will learn why movement is so important to the health of your spine and for your whole body. You only get one body so let’s take care of it.

Surf Time

What’s up guys. As you can see in the picture below I just got back from surfing. The waves were small but fun and the water was warm and glassy with the sun shining brightly. There is nothing better then riding a wave believe me. As you can see I have 2 surfboards in my hand. The bigger board(8ft) is called a “Wavestorm” and the smaller surfboard(5’8) is called a “CBC Sushi Fish surfboard.” These 2 boards are great to learn on as they are very cheap to buy from Costco. I encourage you all to give surfing a try or just enjoy boogie boarding or body surfing. Let me know if you hit the waves. See you Monday.

Pass Patterns/Technology

Yo, what’s the word people. Good job today practicing your pass patterns. I hope some of you enjoyed using the flip video today to see yourselves in action and correct any bad technique you may have. We will also be using a GoPro, Ipad, and camera to help enhance our learning in PE. Tomorrow is cardio Wednesday so get some rest. We will be jogging the blacktop and then a quick lecture on proper sleep. See you all soon.