ELDOA Saved my Neck and Changed my Life

Students please click on the link below and read about the power of ELDOA!

“After two days of working out under the guidance of Dr. Pyne and Velazquez I was able to stop taking painkillers. That was the first sign these exercises were working. Gradually I began feeling normal again as I became more aware of my postural issues.”

ELDOA Saved my Neck and Changed my Life


ELDOA Week 3

Good job today students learning the L4-L5 and T8-T9 ELDOA factors of progression. I spoke with some of you later in the day and you said you felt lighter and more loose! As the weeks go on you will get better at being able to due all of the cues(tuck chin, sit tall, etc.) at one time and then we can flow from posture to posture!

You might have a quiz next Wednesday so click here to read more about ELDOA. DO NOT FREAK OUT YOU WILL DO FINE ON THE QUIZ!


Toxic Chemicals In Cosmetics

Hello students! I hope you all learned something today about the toxic chemicals that are in some cosmetic products. Below are a couple links to read to learn more. One company I like is called Tropical Traditions and they have many clean products. I personally use their lotions and coconut oils to cook with. Let me know if you have any questions. You only get one body so let’s take care of it!

Potentially Toxic Chemicals Plummet In Teens After Switching To Safer Cosmetics

Killing You Softly; Confessions of your Skin Care

Badger is one sunblock that I do like! Unscented!


After School ELDOA Week 2

Students reviewing with each other what they learned from reading about the “Role of water and the effects of dehydration on the body”, and “Ways to Reduce the Negative Effects of Sitting.”

Learning about different landmarks of the spine and more specifically palpating to find cervical vertabrae #7 and then counting down to T6-T7.

Practicing T6-T7 ELDOA.

To learn more about ELDOA click here!