Pull-Ups Day One

Lovely job today people! Remember that pull-ups is the “pulling’ primal pattern movement and that in your workout/in routine you need to cover all of the primal pattern movements to stay healthy and functional in your sports and every day lives. The primal pattern movements are pushing, pulling, twisting, lunge, bend, squat, and gait!


Pulling Primal Pattern Movement

Awesome job today students. I was really impressed with your effort level and stepping out of your comfort zone. Pull-ups and dips are not easy. Remember that when you are working-out/working-in you need to cover all of the primal pattern movements to make sure all of the big and small muscles are being used.


Primal Pattern Movement Videos

Good afternoon students! Nice seeing you all today. Click on the link below to watch the primal pattern movement videos. We will practice each movement in class next Thursday. DO NOT FREAK OUT if you are not good at doing these movements. We will practice in class and you will get better over time. Let me know if you have any questions.

Also, make sure to surf around my website and see all the cool things you can learn about health, nutrition, and exercise. See you tomorrow!



Jungle Gym Course

Good work today students. Keep practicing your pull-ups using different grips and flex-arm hang. You can practice at your local park on the jungle gym. I also encourage you to go across the monkey bars multiple times and practice pulling yourself up one of the poles. Body weight exercises will keep you nice and strong. Tomorrow we will probably have free play due to the super short classes and Monday and Tuesday we will be back to ELDOA. See you tomorrow.

Building Personal Trainers

Well done today students. Your primal pattern movements are improving. Technique is very important so make sure to listen to your peer coaches. Remember that primal pattern movements are the movements we use in our everyday lives and in the sports we play and if you work all of the primal pattern movements you will work all of your big and small muscles in your body. Tomorrow it’s class diabolo time. See you then!