2015 Irvine Junior Games Highlights

Monday, May 18th, 2015

Yesterday was awesome! Congrats to all students who participated in the 2015 Irvine Junior Games. Thank you to Mrs. Morris, Mr. Doan, and Mr. Berman for coming by to support our students. The medal winners are below. Do not miss out next year!

Jennifer F- Bronze Medal Soccer Kick, Silver 4 X 100 Relay
Kathleen O- Gold Medal 100 Meter Sprint, Record Setting Gold Medal Soccer Kick 145 feet, Gold 400 Meter Run, Silver 4 X 100 Relay
Jodh K- Bronze Medal Soccer Kick
Alec O-Silver Medal Soccer Kick
Tara E-Bronze Medal Soccer Kick
Hevin G- Gold Soccer Kick
Markie B- Silver 4 X 100 Relay
Isabelle C- Silver 4 X 100 Relay
Mary K- Silver 4 X 100 relay

All 2015 Medal Winners


Two Rookies Mr. Vince Doan and Mr. Josh Berman
two roookies

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