I hope you all enjoyed working-in today? In my opinion you need to work-out and work-in to be healthy for the rest of your life. Listen to what your body is telling you. If you are tired, run down, stressed out or just need to take a break it’s ok to work-in for a couple days or weeks to let your body rest and repair. More working-in is coming soon.

The main effect of the exercises in a work-in routine is that they cultivate more energy than they expend, leaving enough energy to stimulate and fortify your healing processes. Work-in exercises trigger your rest and recovery system. In short, work-in exercises are specifically designed to counter all of the effects of living an inactive or overly stressful lifestyle.

I recommend a daily commitment of 20-30 minutes of working-in. As you work-in, you will notice one
or more of the following changes:
*Your body feels better and better day after
*Your body weight improves.
*Your energy improves.
*Your blood pressure, heart rate and
respiratory rate all typically move toward
optimal if they are currently high.
*Your moods level out and you feel more
emotionally capable.
*Sleep deepens, becoming more restful.
*Your mental functions improve. You can try
work-in exercises during breaks at work or
when your mind is tired.
*You start looking younger and younger.
*Improved digestion.
*Improved breathing capabilities.

Examples of work-in exercises:
*slow walking
*breathing exercises
*zone exercises(How To Eat Move and Be
Healthy book)

Source-Paul Chek