Students you can now sign-up for the Irvine Junior Games by clicking here. The games are on Sunday, May 19 at Irvine High School. The entry fee is $25.00 and you can sign-up for all the events offered and you also get a nice Irvine Junior Games t-shirt. The deadline to sign up is 2/8/13. The events offered are below. If you sign up for an event you are in and do not have to try-out. The only try-out is for the 4×100 relay. We will talk more about the games in class next week. Talk to your parents now!

To see past Irvine Junior Games medal winners from Sierra Vista click here.

7th and 8th Grade Students
7th and 8th graders may sign up to participate in all sprint, distance and field events as listed
Sprint – 100 meter sprint
Distance – 400, 800 and/or 1500 meter
Field – soccer kick, running long jump, and/or basketball shoot
Relays will be run by sex and grade with 4 girls and 4 boys from each grade per school.
Individual schools will determine the entrants for this event.