Below is the shoe that Sam C. chose from “A Snail’s Pace” running store in Laguna Hills for taking 1st place in our first annual TA jog/walk. Watch the videos below in case you missed it. Well done Sam and to all students who came out to jog/walk that day.

Our next competition is coming up soon. On December 18, 19, 20 we will have a 4 on 4 pickleball challenge during tutorial. Here is how it works. All students can sign up for this competition. YOU will choose a pickleball team of 4-5 players along with a team name. You will turn in your team roster on a piece of paper to me by Friday, December 14. Once all teams have been turned in, I will put all teams in a hat and draw out 16 teams randomly who will be in the competition. During the 3 day competition we will go from 16 teams, to 8, to 4, then 2 for the finals.

Prizes include Volcom backpacks, Volcom socks, and Volcom beanies. All teams who are chosen will get one charger card just for playing. All PE teachers will explain more in class next week. IT WILL BE AWESOME SO DO NOT MISS OUT.