Good afternoon. Another good day in the world of pickleball. I had to lay the pickleball smack down in periods 3 and 4 and show how the game is really played. I can’t believe I get paid to teach you guys about health, nutrition, and exercise. STUDENTS PAY ATTENTION. The key is to find a job you are passionate about and make that your career. That way you actually enjoy going to your job just like I do. So keep working hard in ALL of your classes and outside of school make sure to get involved in activities that you enjoy.

Lunchtime pickleball schedule and standings have posted for Monday and make sure to check out the wall of fame. PE pickleball continues tomorrow. Get your homework and studying done early so you can chill out for the evening.

Mr. Hough will be holding a tutorial next week for those of you who want to get on the wall of fame for the most push-ups and the most curl-ups. Check the tutorial schedule when it’s posted.