The wall of fame was in full effect today. Check out all of the students who are now on the list. All students keep up the good work. You will be on here one day soon. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. Click here to see the entire wall of fame.

The students below made the wall of fame today.

Boys Below 6:30 Milers
Akshay H-6:17
Eric S-6:16
Nate K-6:16
Cole K-5:38
Kiwon Y-6:08
HeeSoo K-6:00
Sean F-6:30
Alex O-6:27
Bryce M-6:29
Brandt A-6:27
Anthony C-5:36(record)
Joshua O-6:19
Mohammad A-6:28

Girls Below 7:00 Milers
Sami M-6:20
Ikroop M-6:32
Jessica H-6:35

Longest Plank Held Boys
Timothy K-4:38

Longest Plank Held Girls
Hannah H-3:20

Longest Wall Squat Held Boys
David B-6:23

Longest Wall Squat Held Girls
Jessica D-4:30

Longest Flex-Arm Hang Held Boys
Matt S-54 seconds

Longest Flex-Arm Hand Held Girls
Christina S-52 seconds