Pop quiz time! Periods 3 and 5 you have a quiz tomorrow that will impact your grade. DO NOT FREAK OUT we will take the quiz in groups of 5. Perods 2,4,6 will take the quiz on Thursday. We will also do a little jogging tomorrow and learn how to do a lunging cable push and lunging cable pull. Click on the link below for a quick peak at the quiz. Most of the answers are on my site or we covered the info in class.

Dr. Movement Dr. Diet Pop Quiz

Lunchtime Pickleball
Lunchtime pickleball starts tomorrow. I have posted the team rosters and the schedule will be up later tonight. My team is playing Ivan’s team tomorrow so we are already 1-0 lol. Let the trash talking begin, I mean let the games begin. BRING IT! If you would still like to play please see Mr. Hough or I tomorrow at lunch. PICKLEBALL IS AWESOME AND IF YOU MISS OUT ON THIS AWESOME SPORT YOU WILL BE SAD YOU DIDN’T PLAY.

See you all in the morning.