STUDENTS YOU KILLED IT TODAY! Well done guys. Every class was working hard and learning how to do the primal pattern movements correctly. Make sure to practice in the mirror this weekend. These movements are going to help keep you healthy and functional the rest of your life. Each Thursday we will focus on one of the primal pattern movements and use the equipment in J-4 to help build muscular strength and endurance. I appreciate all the hard work today.

Lunchtime Flag Football players the schedule and team standings will be up later this evening. Playoffs start on Tuesday and the top 8 teams are in. Some of you need a victory so STEP UP YOUR GAME. All teams are playing hard and doing their best. Even if you lose every game who cares. You are having fun with your friends and playing a sport that you love. Especially you 7th graders. Hang in there you are doing awesome.

Tomorrow all PE teachers have a sub so make sure to work hard and treat them with respect. Enjoy your homework and make sure to give your parents a hug and tell them how much you love them and thank them for all that they do for you.