What’s good people? I had an awesome spring break. Plenty of rest, good food, fun exercise, sleep, reading, and hanging out with my friends. BACK TO WORK. Tomorrow we have the fire department coming to speak to our 7th graders but I hope they will speak to all students during PE. Tuesday, boys it’s Pilates time, girls long jump rope. Wednesday is our weekly jog and Thursday we have Alvia from the city of Irvine coming to put on a fun fitness challenge for all PE classes. Friday will be our last day of Softball.

Also, on Monday we will have the staff vs. studnet Softball sign-ups. The game is on Wednesday on the Westwood Softball fields. I will leave a clip board out front of the boys lockerroom up until lunch. I will then choose about 15 of Sierra Vista’s finest to play in the game. The students who are chosen will get a free pizza lunch right before the game.

In conclusion we will continue with lunchtime Softball games and the playoffs are near. Check the schedule. Enjoy your last day of freedom. See you in the morning.