February is almost here so it’s time for a new unit. This entire month we are going to do some kind of fitness activity to get you all ready for the Fitness Gram testing in March. We will work on all the primal pattern movements using bosu balls, medicine balls, kettlebells, cables, swiss balls, bongo boards, wobble boards, playing all kinds of sports, sprinting, jogging and whatever else I can think up. It will be fun and diverse.

This month we will also turn in the 1 week and 1 day fitness plan along with the Fitness Gram testing log so look at the buttons on the right side of the screen and do some reading. This Wednesday we will join Mr. Hough’s class for a fun game and Friday we might have a guest speaker for all classes. Make sure to watch the Lakers at noon, the NFL Pro Bowl this afternoon and the Winter X Games. Time for me to knock out a nice yoga session.