Good morning world. Finally Pickleball has arrived in PE and at lunch. Tomorrow in PE we will start Pickleball which is my favorite sport at Sierra Vista. Make sure to click on the study guides button then click on Pickleball and read what this game is all about. It is just like Tennis with slightly different rules. All the skills are the same. Lunchtime Pickleball players click on Pickleball under the Intamural Sports section of my site on your left and see who you play tomorrow. If you still want to play come and see me at lunch. Games start at 12:25pm.

Wednesday through Friday we have block schedule due to conferences so we will do our weekly jog/walk on Wednesday/Thursday along with Pickleball at the end of class. Friday will probably be a Primal Pattern Fitness day so make sure to re-watch the Primal Pattern Videos if you need a re-fresher course. Time for me to chill out for the day and watch Football and Baseball all day long. Have an awesome Sunday and be safe tonight and make good choices. Stay calm on the sugar. Later