If you would like to take the Metabolic Typing test please see me in class. The test will only take a few minutes. Below is some info you can read about Metabolic Typing and to check out the Metabolic Typing Diet book click here or check your local book store.

**Remember that Metabolic Typing is one food plan out of a million. Take the time to research other food plans and see what makes sense to you and what works for your unique body type.

Metabolic Typing is the foundation of my food program. Below is a quote from David Getoff who I respect a lot. It all starts with nutrition.

“There is no treatment or drug which can overcome or negate the effects of a poor diet, inadequate nutrition, lack of exercise, and an unhealthy lifestyle.”
~David Getoff

In my opinion, through personal experience and the results I have seen with other people, Metabolic Typing is by far the best food plan there is. There alot of fad diets, books, and food plans out there but nothing compares to finding out what foods are needed for your unique biochemical needs. Read below what Metabolic Typing can do for you.

Metabolic Typing

Would you like to learn:

•What foods help support and balance your body chemistry
•Achieve your ideal weight, whether you are overweight or underweight without diet or restricting calories
•Lose your cravings for sweets or starchy foods
•Prevent chronic disease and enhance your immunity
•Reverse chronic or degenerative health disorders and slow the aging process
•Feel full and hunger free 4-5 hours after meals
•Enjoy plenty of physical and mental energy
•Efficiently convert your food into energy rather than being stored as fat

If you said “yes” to any of the above then Metabolic Typing is for you. MT is a systematic, testable, repeatable, verifiable methodology for identifying genetically based individual requirements for diet and nutrition.

Metabolic Typing is a customized nutrition program based on your unique hereditary needs. The Metabolic Typing Test covers 3 areas. 1-Physical Traits 2-Diet Related Traits 3-Psychological Traits. For your body to function at its best, it needs the right combination of fat, protein and carbohydrates. The further you deviate from this unique and personal combination of nutrients, the more health, weight and physical problems you are likely to have. The MT test will tell you what foods and nutrients are optimal for your unique body type.

Once we identify which foods your body naturally requires, I will develop a customized food plan for you to follow to reach your goals and get back to optimal health full of energy and vitality.

Here are some other short term and long term benefits of eating for your Metabolic Type:

•Balances conversion of food to energy
•Balances blood sugar
•Digestive problems, indigestion, gas, bloating will subside
•Improved athletic performance
•Your ability to concentrate will be significantly enhanced
•You will enjoy a renewed sense of well being and positive mental outlook
•Irritability, anxiety, depression, hyperactivity can fade away
•Improved resistance to colds, flu, recurrent infections