1 – The uniform consists of Sierra Vista Middle School black shorts, gray shirt and full lace up athletic shoes (cross-trainers or basketball shoes) with socks. No platforms or opened toed shoes of any kind. Go to the front office for more information.

2 – If you do not have a Sierra Vista PE shorts or shirt you can bring a separate pair of PE clothes (top and bottom not your school clothes) from home that are school colors (red, white, gray, black) with no logos or markings of any kind.

3 – Sweat clothes (tops, bottoms, or both) may be worn in the cold. They must be a separate pair of sweat clothes from your school clothes and be school colors (red, white, gray, black).

4 – Your PE clothes must be marked with BLACK permanent marker in 2″ high letters in the following manner: Shirt – first and last name in the white rectangular area of shirt. Shorts – first and last name in the white rectangular box on the left leg of your shorts. No additional text/graphics are allowed on your uniform or new clothes will be required at your cost. Writing on other student’s property/clothes will result in replacement at your cost. There will be no cutting or modifying your PE clothes in anyway. Modifying your PE clothes will result in replacement at your cost.

5 – Wearing your PE clothes everyday is part of your homework and must be worn on a daily basis. You need to be responsible. Bring your clothes daily and wash them weekly.

Students who choose not to dress in proper uniform attire will be expected to participate with the PE class or will be assigned an alternative task to complete during class.

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  1. Okay, well, I already labeled all of Nick Thorosn’s gym clothes prior to your material being published….it has his name but not sure if it is in the righ size, etc.

    Please forgive – we labeled as we received clothing and din;t wait for instructions- my fault0 not his….

      1. Hi,this is Catherine Park (3rd Period).I have my PE clothes a little big on me so Is is okay to just wear them or do I have to go to the office and change it to the right size? Because like I didn’t write my name on it but like my mom said maybe it is good for me to have a bigger sized one, but like she also thinks that it is too big; So what should I do? Just stick with it? or change it into a right size?

  2. hi Mr.Caldwell!!!!!!!! so if i dont wear my PE clothes and i wear the other choice of plain shirts and shorts, how long do the shorts have to be because i dont want to get in trouble for to short of shorts.

    1. Whats up Hrag? Tai-chi was fun but we missed you sir. Not sure about PE tomorrow. You will find out in due time.

    1. Hi Hrag we are not going to play softball tomorrow. We are doing a different activity. Be ready. See you tomorrow

    1. Hrag that is awesome. Email me a couple of pictures while you are there of the beach and waves. I love Hawaii. Have fun. School is almost here.

    1. they said they are trying to work it out so they can show the Laker the games. They said they might not be able to so we have to wait

  3. hi mr.caldwell.i’m from you 6th period pe class. i was wondering when we will dress out. Will that be next week starting on monday?

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