Milers Club

Wall Of Fame is for all PE classes.

For each category I will post at least the top 5 scores.

Milers Club

Boys Below 6:30
2011/2012 Record Holder: Anthony C-5 minutes 36 seconds
Caleb N-5:48
David C-5:58
Jake R-6:05
Malcolm O-6:12
Matthew S-6:13
Mustafa S- 6:13
Bryce E-6:17
Joshua B- 6:20
Brandon R- 6:21
Tim K-6:23
Michael B-6:25
Joe B-6:28
David M-6:29
Harris K-6:29
Brian F-6:13
Bryan B-6:26
Mack N-6:28
Ethan L – 5:57
Nate H – 6:25
Omeed F – 6:12
Matthew R- 6:07
Brandon R-6:30

Girls Below 7:00
2011/2012 Record Holder: Sami M-6 minutes 20 seconds
Kerenna S-6:25
Elizabeth K-6:40
Kristen D-6:45
Talia T-6:58
Josephine M-7:00
Justine C-7:00
Jazmin E -6:37
Kerisa L-6:45
Kelly M-7:00
Sarah M-6:49
Angelina A-6:57


2011/2012 Record Holder: Will S-18
Aaron Lee-7

2011/2012 Record Holder: Dani S.-4

Reverse Pull-Up Boys
2011/2012 Record Holder: Justin L-25

Aaron L-7

Reverse Pull-Up Girls

Longest Flex-Arm Hang Held Boys
2011/2012 Record Holder: Oliver W-1 minute 47.8 seconds

Oliver W-1 minute 26 seconds

Longest Flex-Arm Hand Held Girls
2011/2012 Record Holder: Christina S-2 minute 1 second

Kerenna S- 1:16 seconds
Warisha A- 47.8 seconds

Most 90 Degree Push-Ups|

2011/2012 Record Holder: Esteban T-84

Jordan C-49
Justin L-40
Abe R-27

2011/2012 Record Holder: Christina S-25

Ashley C-30

Plank To Push-Up Boys
2011/2012 Record Holder: Thomas T-90

Zane F-80

Plank To Push-Up Girls
2011/2012 Record Holder: Jessica D-30

Bongo Board Push-Ups Boys
2011/2012 Record Holder: Thomas T-54

Bongo Board Push-Ups Girls
2011/2012 Record Holder: Jessica D-10

Curl-Up Champion
We are no longer doing curl-ups as a wall of fame challenge.

2011/2012 Record Holder: Omeed F-406

2011/2012 Record Holder: Yesenia V-118

100 Meter Sprint

Kerenna S- 16.05

Longest Plank Held Boys
We are no longer doing planks as a wall of fame challenge.
2011/2012 Record Holder: Esteban T-12:00

Longest Plank Held Girls
2011/2012 Record Holder: Hannah H-3:20

Longest Wall Squat Held Boys
We are no longer doing wall squats as a wall of fame challenge.
2011/2012 Record Holder: Josh G-20:01

Longest Wall Squat Held Girls
2011/2012 Record Holder: Brianna U-9:40

41 thoughts on “Milers Club”

  1. when I did the sit ups in fitness testing I was stopped at seventy five sit ups. For the wall of fame, will I be able to go over seventy five/is their a limit? Thanks, Chris period 3 Hough

  2. I will be doing a push-up/curl-up wall of fame tutorial next week where we will find out your maximum.keep an eye on the schedule.

  3. Mr. Caldwell I think I could do the Most 90 Degree Push-Ups, Pull ups, and the longest plank. Do you think I could do them after school or during tutorial?

  4. If you get under 6:30 during P.E. class, do you automatically get the milers club t-shirt and on the wall of fame, or can you only do it during tutorial? Thank you.

  5. I gotta get a longer time than i did on my Wall Squat. I should do something different,to help my muscles get stronger. But i think i can beat my Wall Squat time.

  6. Hi Mr. Caldwell! When is the next Wall of Fame tutorial? I want to see if I can beat my record for push ups/pull ups and Flex arm hang!

  7. Also, today in your period 3 P.E. after running we did push-ups and reported it to your student assistant. I accomplished 40 push-ups and was wondering if that counts for wall of fame. Thanks.

  8. Hi Mr.Caldwell,

    For the Longest Flex-Arm Hand Held, I’m just wondering is it just arms around our back and touching finger tips and hold/stay??

    Thank you.

    1. hi there what you described is called the shoulder stretch. The flex arm hand is where you are holding yourself up on a pullup bar for as long as you can

    1. Hi Jaren most PE classes will run the mile on wednesday and sometimes for tutorial. That is the way you get onto the milers club

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