Milers Club

Wall Of Fame is for all PE classes.

For each category I will post at least the top 5 scores.

Milers Club

Boys Below 6:30
2011/2012 Record Holder: Anthony C-5 minutes 36 seconds
Caleb N-5:48
David C-5:58
Jake R-6:05
Malcolm O-6:12
Matthew S-6:13
Mustafa S- 6:13
Bryce E-6:17
Joshua B- 6:20
Brandon R- 6:21
Tim K-6:23
Michael B-6:25
Joe B-6:28
David M-6:29
Harris K-6:29
Brian F-6:13
Bryan B-6:26
Mack N-6:28
Ethan L – 5:57
Nate H – 6:25
Omeed F – 6:12
Matthew R- 6:07
Brandon R-6:30

Girls Below 7:00
2011/2012 Record Holder: Sami M-6 minutes 20 seconds
Kerenna S-6:25
Elizabeth K-6:40
Kristen D-6:45
Talia T-6:58
Josephine M-7:00
Justine C-7:00
Jazmin E -6:37
Kerisa L-6:45
Kelly M-7:00
Sarah M-6:49
Angelina A-6:57


2011/2012 Record Holder: Will S-18
Aaron Lee-7

2011/2012 Record Holder: Dani S.-4

Reverse Pull-Up Boys
2011/2012 Record Holder: Justin L-25

Aaron L-7

Reverse Pull-Up Girls

Longest Flex-Arm Hang Held Boys
2011/2012 Record Holder: Oliver W-1 minute 47.8 seconds

Oliver W-1 minute 26 seconds

Longest Flex-Arm Hand Held Girls
2011/2012 Record Holder: Christina S-2 minute 1 second

Kerenna S- 1:16 seconds
Warisha A- 47.8 seconds

Most 90 Degree Push-Ups|

2011/2012 Record Holder: Esteban T-84

Jordan C-49
Justin L-40
Abe R-27

2011/2012 Record Holder: Christina S-25

Ashley C-30

Plank To Push-Up Boys
2011/2012 Record Holder: Thomas T-90

Zane F-80

Plank To Push-Up Girls
2011/2012 Record Holder: Jessica D-30

Bongo Board Push-Ups Boys
2011/2012 Record Holder: Thomas T-54

Bongo Board Push-Ups Girls
2011/2012 Record Holder: Jessica D-10

Curl-Up Champion
We are no longer doing curl-ups as a wall of fame challenge.

2011/2012 Record Holder: Omeed F-406

2011/2012 Record Holder: Yesenia V-118

100 Meter Sprint

Kerenna S- 16.05

Longest Plank Held Boys
We are no longer doing planks as a wall of fame challenge.
2011/2012 Record Holder: Esteban T-12:00

Longest Plank Held Girls
2011/2012 Record Holder: Hannah H-3:20

Longest Wall Squat Held Boys
We are no longer doing wall squats as a wall of fame challenge.
2011/2012 Record Holder: Josh G-20:01

Longest Wall Squat Held Girls
2011/2012 Record Holder: Brianna U-9:40


  1. Sohini says:

    Hey Mr. Caldwell! It’s Sohini from third period! I think I can do the longest flex arm hang held!

  2. yanni says:



  3. yanni says:

    I CAN’T DO FLEX ARM HANG HELD BUT I CAN DO Longest Wall Squat Held.

  4. Aldrei says:

    I think i can run the mile in under 6:30 with my running shoes on :)

  5. chris says:

    when I did the sit ups in fitness testing I was stopped at seventy five sit ups. For the wall of fame, will I be able to go over seventy five/is their a limit? Thanks, Chris period 3 Hough

  6. Hough says:

    I will be doing a push-up/curl-up wall of fame tutorial next week where we will find out your maximum.keep an eye on the schedule.

  7. Miller says:

    Mr caldwell when r u going to update the wall of fame

  8. Lily B says:

    Mr. Caldwell I think I could do the Most 90 Degree Push-Ups, Pull ups, and the longest plank. Do you think I could do them after school or during tutorial?

  9. Sabrina K. says:

    i cant believe i did a 17 second flex arm hang. BEST TIME EVER!!!!

  10. Andrew says:

    Mr. Caldwell, I think I can make the most push-ups. I’ve gone to about 100 once.

  11. Derreck says:

    If you get under 6:30 during P.E. class, do you automatically get the milers club t-shirt and on the wall of fame, or can you only do it during tutorial? Thank you.

  12. Jessica D says:

    I gotta get a longer time than i did on my Wall Squat. I should do something different,to help my muscles get stronger. But i think i can beat my Wall Squat time.

  13. Miller says:

    Mr. caldwell is there a wall of fame for the bongo board push-ups?

  14. Christina S says:

    Hi Mr. Caldwell! When is the next Wall of Fame tutorial? I want to see if I can beat my record for push ups/pull ups and Flex arm hang!

  15. Miller says:

    When are u putting up the videos?

  16. Ivan K says:

    dont you have yo take down mi 6:06 mile then?

  17. Kerenna S says:

    When will the monthly Wall of Fame tests be? Also, when are the sign-ups for flag football going to be? Thanks

  18. Kerenna S says:

    Also, today in your period 3 P.E. after running we did push-ups and reported it to your student assistant. I accomplished 40 push-ups and was wondering if that counts for wall of fame. Thanks.

  19. Katie says:

    Hi Mr Hough.

    I made milers club and I was wondering when it is going up?

  20. Helen C says:

    Hi Mr.Caldwell,

    For the Longest Flex-Arm Hand Held, I’m just wondering is it just arms around our back and touching finger tips and hold/stay??

    Thank you.

    • Neal Caldwell says:

      hi there what you described is called the shoulder stretch. The flex arm hand is where you are holding yourself up on a pullup bar for as long as you can

  21. Jared S says:

    Hey Mr Caldwell
    Is this test at the end of the year? ‘Cause i got a mean mile!

    • Neal Caldwell says:

      Hi Jaren most PE classes will run the mile on wednesday and sometimes for tutorial. That is the way you get onto the milers club

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