Medical Excuses

A note from a parent/guardian may excuse students from activity when ill/injured for up to 3 days. It must specify the desired dates of inactivity.

Students are expected to dress out for class.

Beyond 3 days, a doctor’s note is required with specific dates of anticipated non-participation.

Students must report all injuries that occur during class to their teacher immediatley.

Students who have long term injuries will check out of P.E. and report to the Library during their P.E. period.

5 thoughts on “Medical Excuses”

  1. I’ve been down with the flu for two days now, and any time I engage in physical activity, I get a bad headache and need to lie down. Even walking a lot seems to make me dizzy. Do I need to dress out, or can I report to the library for the next few days?

  2. i just got through checking out your website during a very boring teacher’s meeting! I’m very impressed on how you set everything up! Thanks!

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