Yo people great job this year. Today you are filling out a quick end of the year assessment. Below is everything we covered this year in a nut shell. Make sure to use these health tools this summer and over the next few years. THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR HARD WORK!

Lastly, because of the virus that attacked my site a couple weeks ago, I will be changing the template and adding some new features. I do not like the new template but I had to change it to fix the problem.

Mr. Caldwell

Health and Wellness Tools
ELDOA(spine health, flexibility, posture, pumping fluids)

Team/Individual Sports(social skills, work ethic, team work, sportsmanship, muscular strength/endurance, burn calories, unplugged)

Cardio Days(heart/lung health, breath work, burn calories, muscular endurance etc etc)

Strength Training/Fitness/Primal Pattern Movements(muscular strength/endurance, sports, functional for life, other health benefits)

Working-Out-when you are feeling good and have plenty of energy(sports, jogging, lifting weights, biking, swimming)

Working-In-when you are not feeling well, low energy(slow walking, breathing exercises, meditation, tai-chi)

Breathing Protocols( to de-stress, upregulate, cadence breathing, apnea breathing, diaphragmatic breathing)

Health/Nutrition(proper hydration, power of sleep, fats/carbs/proteins, unplugged book, breathing information)