Sign-ups begin on Monday, March 30th.

What’s up parents and students! I will be teaching the Summer Enrichment Program at Venado Middle School this summer and I want to invite you all to sign-up for my 3 classes that I will be offering.

Venado Middle School is just a short drive from Sierra Vista right down Culver. Summer school has 3 periods a day and for periods 1 and 2, I will be teaching “Racquets and Paddles” and period 3, I will be teaching “Game On.” All skill levels are welcome. The class descriptions are below and please click here to sign-up now.

If you have any questions please email or call anytime. Thanks!

2015 Summer School Schedule

Classes are held Monday – Friday
Period 1 Classes are 8 to 9:20 am “Racquets and Paddles”
Period 2 Classes are 9:30 – 10:50 am “Racquets and Paddles”
Period 3 Classes are 11 am to 12:20 pm “Game On”
Students may register for up to 3 classes

Racquets & Paddles!
7th-8th at Venado Middle School
Engage and learn the foundational skills of one of the more popular racquet (tennis & badminton) and paddle (ping pong & pickleball) sports. Students will learn basic strokes includ- ing forehand, backhand, volley, and serve. More advanced skills like how to put a spin on the ball and good offen- sive and defensive strategies during matches will also be covered. Partici- pants will play a variety of fun games and matches all while using the skills they learn. Students will be taught good sportsmanship, rules, scorekeep- ing and how to be a team player. All ability levels are welcome and every student will be sure to have fun!

Game On!
7th-8th at Venado Middle School
Students will develop their physical fitness, build character, and connect socially with their peers while learning to play and enjoy some of America’s most popular team sports. This class will provide students with instruction in the fundamental skills and strategies needed to compete in three sports (Basketball, Flag Football, and Soccer), while participating in a variety of fun drills, scrimmages, and other game-based competitions. No previous experience or exposure to these sports is required, and level of competition and instruction will be adjusted based upon the skill of students.