Awesome day! Below are the medal winners from today. A big shout out to all of our student’s who participated. Thank you fir giving back to our community and participating in some fun competition with your friends. More pictures and video will be up tomorrow. I shot alot of videos.

2013 Medal Winners

Medal Winners

1500 Meter Run
7th grade boys-David C. Silver medal
7th grade girls-Kerrenna S. Bronze medal
8th grade boys-Jimmy K. Bronze medal

Basketball Shot
7th grade boys-Alex M. Silver medal, Tristan B. Bronze medal

100 Meter Run
8th grade boys- Sam C. Gold medal, Peter O. Silver medal

400 Meter Run
8th grade boys-Sam C. Gold medal, Ethan L. Silver medal, Jake R. Bronze medal

800M Run
8th grade boys-Sam C. Gold medal, Jake R. Silver medal

4X100 Relay
8th Grade Boys- Gold medal(Sam C, Peter O, Jake R, Justin N)
8th Grade Girls-Silver medal(Ola W, Kellie M, Yenna C, Natascha R)
7th Grade Boys-Bronze medal(Remy R, Michael C, Aaron C, Malcolm O)
7th Grade Girls-Silver medal(Nour A, Haley F, Colette S, Kelsey H)

Long Jump
8th grade boys-Sam C. Silver medal, Peter O. Bronze medal

Soccer Kick
8th grade boys-Jimmy K. Gold medal, Matt I. Silver medal