Orange Flan

Below is a picture of the orange flan I talked about in class. If you want the recipe have your parents email me and I will send it to them. TASTY GOODNESS and loaded with nutrition!

6 thoughts on “Orange Flan”

  1. Sorry to bother you, but I have a question unrelated to the post. Is it normal for people from ages 80 to 90 to shed all of their hair in one sitting? I found out today that my 86 year old grandfather originally had really short, thin, and white hair on his scalp lately, and today, he was scratching his head and virtually all his hair fell out, except for a peach fuzz on the back. I am just wondering if that is normal.

  2. Dear Mr Caldwell,

    I would Love to Try the orange flan . Could you send me your recipe?
    I profite Of this email to thank you ans tell you how Much I admire the way you teach sports And all benefits it does. Your tips on nutrition are precious for kids who really want to grow up healthy and stronger . Many of your lessons get back home as Wonderfull advices from my son . So thank you to support us as parents to educate our kids to make good choices :-). Thank you !!

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