Period 4, I am a little disappointed in you today. Make sure to fix yourself by tomorrow. Remember I care what kind of person you are on the inside and out. STEP UP YOUR GAME!

Job well done today people. Remember it is important to switch up your fitness program. Than is why I teach you “working-in” activities and “working-out” activities. Make sure and try the “ways to sleep well” tips I covered in class. Let me know how it goes. Below are a couple tips to jog your memory. Remember that from 10pm-2am your body repairs itself and from 2am-6am your brain repairs itself.

Sleep Tips
1-Avoid bright lights 1-2 hours before bed especially the T.V.
2-Avoid using loud alarm clock. Buy one that gradually gets louder as the seconds go by so you do not put your body in a stressed state as soon as you wake up.
3-Do not look at the alarm clock if you wake up in the night. Keep your eyes closed and go back to sleep.
4-Eat a small snack before bed. Make sure the snack has healthy sugars(dairy, fruit, honey) with protein, fat, and carb. Your body needs that sugar to make it through the night and to keep your blood sugar stable.
5-Do not drink any caffeine after 12 noon. In my opinion you should not have any caffeine at your age.
6-Journal, meditate, pray, write in your diary or whatever you believe in before bed to help calm your mind before you sleep.

How To Eat, Move, and Be Healthy by Paul Chek
Dr. Mercola’s Total Health Program by Dr. Joseph Mercola