I hope you all have had a nice 3 day weekend. I have enjoyed not seeing all of you I mean I miss you all terribly and look forward to working with you all tomorrow. This is going to be a good week people I can feel it.

On Wednesday it’s wall of fame time. In class we will all run the mile and knockout some push-ups and curl-ups. Those who score the highest or meet the mile run time requirements will have their name engraved on the wall of fame on my site and on the display case outside the boys lockerroom. You only earn a free shirt for making the mile run time requirement. Click on the wall of fame button on the left side of your screen to learn more. During tutorial on Wednesday we will meet in J-4 and see who can last the longest on the flex-arm hang, wall squat, and plank. I will explain more in class on Monday.

We will continue our pickleball tournament and learn how to hit a backhand which alot of you need serious help on. Lunchtime pickleball continues on Monday and the playoffs are near. My team is 2-0 and I challenge anyone to take us down.

See you all tomorrow. Time for me to eat, watch football, nap-repeat. Later