Students, watch the videos below to learn about the basic rules of pickleball and see how fun this game can be for all ability levels. It does not matter if you have never played tennis before you can be successful at this sport. Read the study guide as we will have a short written test at the end of the month.

Lunchtime Pickleball
Lunchtime pickleball sign-ups are tomorrow out on the blacktop as soon as the bell rings. It will be 4 vs. 4. There is no draft and each team will have 4-5 players. DO NOT MISS OUT IT WILL BE FUN. I will be on Kunal’s team and I believe Mr. Zuercher will be playing as well. The championship team will win one Volcom wallet for each player. SO I MIGHT AS WELL GIVE THE PRIZE TO MY TEAM RIGHT NOW. BRING IT!

Click here to read the pickleball study guide.