Yo Yo! This weekend I have been chillin out and doing alot of reading. I have almost finished 2 books in a day and a half. How about you? Reading is where the power is. Mr. Caldwell “reading is not cool.” Sucks for you because reading is awesome especially when you read topics you are interested in. I encourage you right now to go and grab a book you like and sit quietly and read. If you do not have a book I encourage you to click here and read about the amazing health benefits of coconut oil. Ray Peat is a leading authority in the world of health and nutrition and he comes highly recommended.

This week we will continue with Ultimate Frisbee and any other activities I come up with in the blink of an eye. Tomorrow is day 1 of Lunchtime 5 on 5 Basketball so click on the link on the left of your screen to check the schedule. I know you guys are excited to get started and I have heard alot talk about who is going to take the title. Enjoy the rest of your day and get to reading.