6 laps! Oh my gosh that is so far I can’t believe we have to run that much. That is what I heard today from a bunch of you. At this part of the school year we should be able to jog slowly 6 laps as we have been conditioning our hearts and lungs weekly the first 3 months of school. Remember that jogging or cardiovascular exercise is just one piece of the health puzzle. That is why in my class we mix it up. One day we play sports, one day we jog, one day we walk, one day we strength train and work on the primal pattern movements and some days I lecture on topics from the world of health, nutrition and exercise as they all work together to build robust health.

As long as you try your best I am cool with that. Some of you need to step out of your comfort zone and go for it and pick up the intensity and effort level. Make sure to jog/walk outside of school at least 1 day a week so when you are in class you will be ready to go. Over all today you all did really well. Make sure to click on the exercise, health, and nutrition buttons on the right side of the screen and review what you have been taught the first 3 months of school.

Keep up the good work peoples.