Time to work on your 6 types of stress people. The 6 types are physical, chemical, electromagnetic, psychic/mental, nutritional, and thermal.

Physical Stress-do not over exercise. Do a variety of working-in and working-out activities you have learned in class. It is good to change up your fintess routine and make sure you are not sedentary and do something each day.

Chemical Stress-eat free range, grass fed, and organic foods. Stay away from drugs and buy more natural and organic beauty products. That goes for guys and girls.

Electromagnetic Stress-make sure to soak up some sunlight each day. Do not use microwaves to cook or warm up your food. When you are not using your cell phone do not keep it attached to you or in your pocket. At the airport do not go through the x-ray machine.

Psychic/Mental Stress-set goals, have a positive mental outlook. Get rid of “stinkin thinkin.” Talk to your pastor or spiritual leader in your life. Talk to a counselor, an adult, or come talk to me.

Nutritional Stress-eat organic foods for your Metabolic Type. If you do not know how many fats, proteins, and carbs your body needs at each meal that is a stress to the body. Refined sugar, and most foods you eat from a box or package is hard on the body. Eat whole, fresh foods.

Make small changes in your life which will add up to huge health benefits. Get to work!