First off, great job today running in groups. Boys you had a little trouble in the beginning but overall you were able to slow down and work as a team. Remember that each period is like a “family” and we are all in this exercise thing together. Don’t forget that we jog for a purpose so at the dinner table tonight tell your parents the health benefits of jogging that we cover in class every Wednesday. Hopefully the sun will come back out tomorrow so we can get back to playing some sports.

I have put alot of new posts up the last couple of days mostly about fitness days. Do not worry about the 1 day and 1 week fitness plans just yet. I will go over the forms that need to be filled out in class in the next couple of weeks. I would click on the links and become familiar with the forms as they will be a big part of your grade. If you look at the “blog archives” on the right of your screen you will see alot of new info. Take a look but again we will cover it all in class soon.

Enjoy the rest of your day.


p.s.-parents next Thursday, October 28 is International Walk To School day and I hope you will allow your son/daughter to meet us at Castle Park at 7:30am to show Irvine we are serious about exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. We will have plenty of teacher and parent super vision.