Wall Of Fame

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Sierra Vista Wall Of Fame

Boys below 7 Milers-
5:24 Cameron M
5:31 Ben G
5:36 Brendan S
6:06 Robert K
6:12 Connor B
6:15 Ivan K
6:15 Jason W
6:18 Joey B
6:23 Kiwon Y
6:25 Jonathon P
6:27 Cole K
6:27 Tristan M
6:33 David H
6:38 Clinton R
6:40 Jacob P
6:41 Kazuma W
6:42 Sean F
6:42 Matthew J
6:43 Jonathon K
6:45 Tony C
6:45 Drake S
6:46 Sam J
6:54 Tim L
6:55 Josh M
6:56 Kaveh S
7:00 Vlad A
7:00 Brent S

Girls below 7:30 Milers-
Cristina A 6:36
Adeline B 6:52
Chyelle M 6:54
Bianca Z 6:54
Grace H 7:01
Carina H 7:10

Cross Country day stars-
Coming soon…….

Great Improvements in PE activities-
Coming soon……

Amazing Class Effort-
Coming soon…….

Most 90degree push-ups-
Boys- 50 Kiwon Y Girls- 44 Bianca Z

Longest plank held-
Boys- Girls-Kaitlyn H 5:45
Coming soon…….

Curl-up Champions-
Boys- Girls-
Coming soon…….

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  1. bob says:

    Do you get your name on there even if you’re not in your pe class? like, if you’re in Vacketta???

  2. Ivan says:

    i had a 6:15 mile… I recorded to brandon

  3. Mr Hough says:

    Give Mr Hough a piece of paper with your name & Time on it and it will be added to the wall of fame.

  4. Neal Caldwell says:

    all done

  5. Kerenna S says:

    Hi Mr. Caldwell,
    Last year I got a mile time of 6:25, it used to be up there. Can you please put it up again? Thanks.

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